Why Am I Here and What is My Purpose?

Purpose and my reason for being are the big questions that everyone wants answered, aren’t they?

Big Questions Require Big Answers, Right?

Questions like this bring expectations of grandiose answers, deep from the nether regions of the psyche or a clarity of almost God-like qualities.

The answer to this question is really quite simple.

Answer the following question: Do you think everyone (all seven billion of us on this earth) has the same destiny; the same likes and dislikes; the same perspective on life? Of course not, in fact, I don’t know any two people who see, hear, feel or experience anything the same way. That’s why there is only one Einstein, one Mozart and only one of anyone else you can name, be they a sports figure, Nobel prize winner or the teacher you believe had the most profound effect on you in school.


But even though no-one can see, hear, taste, smell, speak, sing, etc. like anyone else, there are commonalities to all.  Those commonalities are key in understanding one’s purpose in this life. Each of those people found something they could be passionate about. They found something that they would rather spend their lives doing more than any other activity in the world. They found something that brought life to their day, even if others found it to be most boring and tedious. And what do you think is the result of someone who finds that one activity that brings so much to their life?  HAPPINESS!

Your Purpose in Life is to Be Happy

How does the world seem when you are happy?  How fast does time fly when you are happy? How easy does your day go when you are feeling happy? When you are happy, don’t others around you seem to have their day brightened?

Your Purpose in Life is to Be Happy! Think about it! Then we can figure out what that one thing is that you can be passionate about.