How to Use the Power and Presence

There is a Power and Presence for Good in the Universe and YOU can use It. Not only is It available for your use, but you use It all the time!

This Power and Presence, God, Allah, Jehovah, Spirit, Living Intelligence or whatever you want to call It, exists. It is what we call in this teaching: First Cause, First Thought, the First Realization of the I AM, It is The Thing Itself.


When we talk of this Thing, when we talk of life, we intuitively know that there is more than the life that we see around us. And as we acknowledge that there is more, we instinctively desire to follow that thought to become more, to experience more, to be greater than the flesh and bone that we see looking back at us in the mirror.

We know that there is an energy, unseen to the naked eye, but which, nevertheless shares in all that surrounds us, in all that we are. It is the energy that the scientists identify as matter, and It is as the nothingness that exists between all that we can see, hear, touch, smell or taste. We are connected to this Power, this Intelligence that is all things. Being of this same energy, we realize that we share a common source of life and with this shared source we learn more of Its existence and our relationship to It. We learn that we have power: The power to choose, the power to experience and the power to effect how all of this appears in our lives.

Perhaps the most well known application of this is found in the bible. I am paraphrasing: In the beginning there was darkness and in the darkness there formed a thought. From the thought an energy emerged, conscious of itself and of Its power and in that energy there was an intention to create and then there was creation. This first thought made manifest a process; a law of creation. Neutral in its application, non-discriminatory to the effects of any thought that it received. A “yes-Man” if you will, existing only to create and to expand the greater consciousness through the experience of that from which it was formed. This Law receives, accepts and gives back that which we put into it. And how do we put into it? It is through our wants, don’t wants, likes and dislikes. It is through our thoughts, opinions and beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious. It is through our feelings, and through the intensity of our desires.


Our thoughts create. They create energy that connects through the electrical synapses of our brains. Our thoughts take that “stuff” of which all things are made and mold them from primordial ooze into the shapes and colors of our desires. This law of creation, of cause and effect cares not whether our desires are good, bad or indifferent. It only serves to create and to have the effects of that creation be experienced. And this is where our focus turns today: the effects of the creation to be experienced and how to create them.

I think we can agree that words have power. Our words can make people laugh, cry or be inspired to act. But where do these words come from? We don’t just spew them out, unconsciously or without thought, no matter what the appearance. Words come from thoughts, which create an electrical explosion of activity within the brain. Sometimes they explode the way they always have–in reaction to some past thought or event or opinion formed of whatever presented itself to form the thought in the first place. They become habitual, subject to change only when we consciously realize the thought, its effect on us and upon our deciding that we don’t like that particular experience anymore.


And that is the difference. We realize what we are thinking and we change our mind. If we dislike it enough, the change becomes a powerful intention, filled with emotions and a belief that a change will happen because of our focus on our desire for change. By the same token, when we discover something we like, the emotional aspect of our liking it becomes the reason for change. Regardless of the reason, our thoughts, conscious of our desire for change remold the “stuff” that is the source of all things and something new emerges. It is the law of creation. It is the universal power acting upon that which it is given. And there lies the secret of this whole philosophy.

There is a power behind the curtain except most of us are so busy watching and listening and reacting to the man performing the slight of hand that we don’t recognize that if we just opened the curtain, the whole secret of existence would be revealed. But, again, we have to be willing to see past the person performing in front of us, and the one staring back at us in the mirror.

Simply put, there is a Power that is based upon our belief that our words have the power to create or that we have a say in what shows up in our lives and how it shows up. There is a Presence, a Living Intelligence, commonly referred to as God, that is all things. It lives in, as and through all of us, individually, as it lives in all that surrounds us. This presence creates all through the power of its thoughts and desires to experience more of itself, and those thoughts and desires are created through a law of cause and effect. This law is neutral, giving credence to all that it receives and bringing forth that which it is told to bring forth.

We, as part of this “stuff” from which all things come, put forth our individual thoughts, expecting that there will be a reaction by this law of cause and effect and that is exactly what happens. The only difference is that our thoughts are made manifest according to the strength of our beliefs in those thoughts. The stronger our beliefs, the more quickly they are made manifest. Likewise, the more we believe that we have the power to bring our thoughts to life the more powerful our beliefs become. It is the way of the world and it is the way of the Universe. It is the Power behind the Presence and it is the cause of the Good that we wish to show up in our lives. It is done unto you as you believe.unknown-6

To paraphrase Pharaoh: So let it be thought, let it be spoken, then let it be written and let it be done.