Thank you for being such an amazing human being Gerry. We need more people like you.
Miss Mary Coffins
The Squeaky Wheel Bike Shop
I have always been a planner growing up, but looking back, I was planning my excuses as to why this dream or that dream wouldn’t work out and simply never taking the first step. I was afraid of failing in life. I had a good job but not my passion. I had the pleasure of working with Gerry Reiche, a wonderful life coach and friend. He realized my struggles before I even saw them. He would listen and I was eager to read his book “It’s All About Me” once he published it. Gerry’s book was the push I needed to leave my comfort corporate job and reach for my dreams and my passion; Cycling. My husband and I opened our own bicycle shop in the Spring of 2014. When you focus and visualize your goals and mentally see yourself succeeding, you make it happen. I highly recommend “It’s All About Me.” Everyone can take something away from reading Mr. Reiche’s book and have a more fulfilling, happier life. Shilo Vigil The Squeaky Wheel Bike Shop Palmdale, CA 661-274-0386
Shilo Vigil
Hello Mr. Reiche, Thank you so much for connecting with me! My name is Katie Stout and I am currently a senior at Emory's Goizueta Business School concentrating in Marketing and Organizational Management. This semester I am enrolled in Joey Reiman's class entitled "Ideation." Joey is the founder and chairman of Brighthouse, whose mission is to find companies' their purposes. Joey describes purpose as when the needs of the world intersect with a company's talents. We have chosen Atlanta's company, King of Pops, which is a small company that produces fresh fruit popsicles. KoP prides itself on being a fun, innovation company that focuses on life's "simple happiness." My team and I are currently looking for luminaries, and we think you would be the perfect expert to talk to regarding happiness and how happiness can positively shape a company culture. I was wondering if you had anytime this week, weekend or next week to have a short 15-20 phone call with me. I look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely, Katie Stout klstout@emory.edu Goizueta Business School 2016
Katie Stout