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Small Steps Can Get You There

Sometimes talking the talk and walking the walk can be two very different and difficult things. What I know is that each and every one of you is absolutely, magnificently, uniquely capable of becoming anything and going anywhere your heart leads. If fear keeps you from taking that first big step, take smaller steps. Start by making a list. On one side the page, list what you love to do, what you are really good at doing and what others come to you for help with. On the other side of the page, write three things that you have always wanted to be. Seeing how they match up will give you an idea and a direction. This first, small step will make it easier for you to take another.


We sit and contemplate life: Who am I really? What is my purpose here? We sit in anticipation, patiently waiting for the deafening silence to be filled with Truth. One Truth I know is how I see myself compared to how others see me. My Truth is in knowing the difference. I know My thoughts and feelings. I know my triggers and I know my solutions. They are mine to do with as I will. I have no control over how others see me; I cannot control their thoughts or feelings. They are foreign to my mind’s eye and therefore suspect in origin and effect. But because I know myself, I control the effects of their perceptions over my own. There is no trick to my trade, merely an intention to live my life according to my Truth.

Dealing with “Failure” is Recognizing Your Success

guarding meerkatThe word, “FAILURE” carries a lot of meaning. It leads to feelings of inadequacy, lack of self worth, jealousy and hatred of self and of others more “SUCCESSFUL”. If we look at the truth: that we were all created in the image and likeness of God, what we see is that there is no failure. We are all of different appearance, personality, interest and ability and this makes unique. We bring something special to the world: ourselves, and all that comes with us. We bring imagination and insight in our uniqueness and that can be nothing less than the meaning of success! That is the truth of your being. How could you think yourself a failure?