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Your Desires Matter

Do your desires really matter? In a word, yes. Your desires, just like mine, are thoughts that we have formed based on a life of discovering what we do and do not like, that we want more, that our lives would be better served in the pursuit of them. (Not to mention the side benefits that the world would enjoy through our realizations of those desires…Ok, so I mentioned them.)

Too often we find ourselves putting our own desires on the back-burner because of the need to fulfill the desires of others. Whether it is some new project at work, helping the needs of friends and/or family, or half a dozen other things, we sometimes find ourselves just never getting around to that all-important “me”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is important to serve. It is important to be compassionate and giving. Giving fills us with pride and those goose bumps that tell us we have done something rewarding and important. But in order to be in a position to give we must take time to nurture ourselves. We must rest, read, contemplate, meditate and do all of those things necessary to feed our own souls so that we can keep up in our service to others. A person who has fallen from exhaustion lends no help to others in need.

It is equally important that we recognize that we have desires. They serve to move us forward in life. Indeed, it is often the case that our desires to better ourselves align with our desires to help.

What are your desires/your wants/your needs? Take time to understand them and to pursue them. Only you know what they are and only you can take steps to pursue them. You are important. You matter. You are powerful and loved.


Stop and smell your own roses
Stop and smell your own roses