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Your Desires Matter

Do your desires really matter? In a word, yes. Your desires, just like mine, are thoughts that we have formed based on a life of discovering what we do and do not like, that we want more, that our lives would be better served in the pursuit of them. (Not to mention the side benefits that the world would enjoy through our realizations of those desires…Ok, so I mentioned them.)

Too often we find ourselves putting our own desires on the back-burner because of the need to fulfill the desires of others. Whether it is some new project at work, helping the needs of friends and/or family, or half a dozen other things, we sometimes find ourselves just never getting around to that all-important “me”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is important to serve. It is important to be compassionate and giving. Giving fills us with pride and those goose bumps that tell us we have done something rewarding and important. But in order to be in a position to give we must take time to nurture ourselves. We must rest, read, contemplate, meditate and do all of those things necessary to feed our own souls so that we can keep up in our service to others. A person who has fallen from exhaustion lends no help to others in need.

It is equally important that we recognize that we have desires. They serve to move us forward in life. Indeed, it is often the case that our desires to better ourselves align with our desires to help.

What are your desires/your wants/your needs? Take time to understand them and to pursue them. Only you know what they are and only you can take steps to pursue them. You are important. You matter. You are powerful and loved.


Stop and smell your own roses
Stop and smell your own roses

Step 3 With a Patriotic Flair

images-3Unknown-1The 4th of July! Fireworks, family, celebrating freedom and a new ideal never quite seen in the history of man! A culmination of thought, of dreams, of movingsecuredownload forward with a passion for more! What a perfect example of this third step in finding fulfillment in life!
This day represents a letting go of past obstacles, of realizing that we are not bound by the will,or perceptions of others. Our founders came here to get away from the old, from perceptions of lack and to move forward with their ideals! (Step one.) They arrived with little and that is where they started. Where else could they start but from where they were? (Step 2)
They had an idea of what they didn’t want and that’s why they left their old world in the first place. They sought to pursue what they did like. So, step three is to figure out what you want to do. It starts with a question: What would you do if you knew you could not fail? I would hope it to be something that you really love doing but you have not tried because of all the things that get in most peoples’ way. (Rent, Mortgage, car payment, taking care of the family, work, inexperience, cost, etc., etc., etc.)
So ask yourself what it is that you love to do! What would you do if money were not a consideration? If failure were not an option? Once you have identified whatever “it” is, write “it” down. Once you have written “it” down, keep “it” where you can see it. Keep “it” in the forefront of your mind and see if you don’t start taking steps in that direction.
And if I can’t figure out what “it” is, you ask? If you are one of those who has never given much thought to that burning sensation for excitement that you always mistook for indigestion, start by writing down things that you like to do, that you are good at, that people come to you for help with. These might give you some ideas. Regardless of our conscious recognition of such things, we tend to gravitate to those things we find enjoyable, so there is going to be some aspect of what you do that will lead you to the epiphany of your life’s desires.
Here’s an exercise for you: make a small kite (a diamond shaped piece of paper, with a string attached at the bottom for a tail), take some pieces of fabric and write your dreams on them and then tie them to the kite tail. Hang it up on the wall or from the ceiling and imagine your kite of dreams as it soars into the limitless sky. There is a universe of limitless possibilities waiting for you out there. You just have to choose one and take a step towards it.
Tune in next time for the next step where we will identify some ways of helping make your dreams come to fruition.
“It’s All About Me”

Small Steps Can Get You There

Sometimes talking the talk and walking the walk can be two very different and difficult things. What I know is that each and every one of you is absolutely, magnificently, uniquely capable of becoming anything and going anywhere your heart leads. If fear keeps you from taking that first big step, take smaller steps. Start by making a list. On one side the page, list what you love to do, what you are really good at doing and what others come to you for help with. On the other side of the page, write three things that you have always wanted to be. Seeing how they match up will give you an idea and a direction. This first, small step will make it easier for you to take another.

Stepping into a Better Life

If you want to know whether you are doing everything you can to create a more fulfilling, happier and successful life, ask. Who do you ask? Yourself. You are the only one who knows the answer to that question. But ask honestly and without judgement lest you invite Ego into the conversation. If the answer is “NO”, ask yourself what is holding you back and then make a list of the answers. Once you have your list, crumple it up and throw it away. Then open a dictionary. You will find it full of verbs (words that describe actions). Pick one that speaks to you and use it. How? Listen to your intuition. It chose that verb for a reason. It is the next step on your path to fulfillment, creativity, passion and success. Come back tomorrow to find out why the definition of “Ego” didn’t seem to match this discussion.

Dealing with “Failure” is Recognizing Your Success

guarding meerkatThe word, “FAILURE” carries a lot of meaning. It leads to feelings of inadequacy, lack of self worth, jealousy and hatred of self and of others more “SUCCESSFUL”. If we look at the truth: that we were all created in the image and likeness of God, what we see is that there is no failure. We are all of different appearance, personality, interest and ability and this makes unique. We bring something special to the world: ourselves, and all that comes with us. We bring imagination and insight in our uniqueness and that can be nothing less than the meaning of success! That is the truth of your being. How could you think yourself a failure?

What is the Secret to Success

You are your secret to success. Yes, I know you have heard that before. Like many, however, you just chose not to believe it, or you didn’t take it seriously enough to stop looking outside yourself for the answer. stop looking outside yourself for the answer. Well, let me take a minute to assure you that you are your starting point. Join me on my website and let’s talk about how to make the best of you.

Definition of Success

Accept that you are a marvelous and creative individual; accept that you are unique, capable and intelligent. Once you realize that your path will lead you to a more creative, fulfilling and successful life. You will bring meaning to your life.

One of my favorite quotes on this topic is:

One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.