Resting in the Presence, an analysis of Spirit

Resting in the Presence

What an interesting talk title. Filled with meaning, specific to each of us and yet common to all of us.

Resting: Let’s take a minute and think about that word and it’s meaning. How would you define it?


Being still, asleep, breathing deeply in the silence, a Meditative state, relaxing after a time of activity, being comforted in the arms of a loved one
and there are so many more.

But let’s think about how it is to be truly resting.
Would you agree that when you rest there is a sense of release? That there is a sense of peace, of freedom from the concerns of the day; from feelings of lack or hunger, worry or doubt. Why?

Take a moment to imagine yourself at rest. How do you feel when you are at rest? Does all seem right with the world in that moment?

I think that, when we are truly at rest, there is a sense of knowing; a sense of completeness; an intuitive declaration, if you will, that “I am not alone,” that there is a plan and that I am part of it.

It is a feeling that all is well with the universe and, as I am part of this Universe, so it is that all is well with me.

Even more so, that when I am at rest, when I am consciously aware of my unique role in this place, I know that I share in that knowing, and I share in the “now moment” of the “All that is”.

What a freeing experience!

On the other hand, there is also a kind of finality in the word: Rest:

Final resting place
Rest in Peace

But in this finality, there is also a promise of more. A promise that can only be filled at the end of our time on this plane. (At Least that is what the traditional beliefs seem to tell us.)

But “Resting in the Presence” is different from Resting in that final place where our physical bodies are placed at the end of our time on this plane.

Or is it?

We have talked before about the commonality of energy shared amongst all things seen and unseen.

We have discussed the scientific realizations of this Universal “stuff” or, as Troward would describe it, “Primordial Ooze” connecting everything regardless of its appearance, through vibrational variances.

We also know that, if we maintain our spiritual practice, that meditation can unite us on a conscious level with that Greater part of us. That is why many of us are called to the ocean or the forest or desert, or other place: Nature.

It provides us with a physical place to rest our minds and a means of connecting with that which we know ourselves to be.
How many of you have a spiritual practice?
How many of you are still trying to figure out what that means?

It is not the same for everyone. Here’s what I aspire to do:
Meditate, read something I find interesting, write in a contemplative fashion, do something musical. I do what works for me to be able to connect with that inner, Greater part of me.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to admit that your practice needs work. We all find ourselves distracted at one time or another.

But getting back to today’s topic:

Notice that this talk is about Resting “In” the Presence as opposed to outside of, next to, down the street from or any other form of separation. For is in not true that, through our inner knowing as well as by the physical sciences, we know there is no separation between the “physical” and the non-physical?

Even when we try to differentiate between that “final resting place” and the “afterlife” we know that there is no separation. The basics of religion tell us that:

Genesis 3:19 (King James Version): In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

Or, as Holmes defines Death in The Science of Mind Textbook: “God is not a God of the dead, but of the living, for in His sight, all are alive.” The Spirit is both birth-less and deathless. The Principle of Life cannot know death. The experience of dying is but the laying off of an old garment, and the donning of a new one. “There are bodies celestial and bodies terrestrial, there is a material body and a spiritual body.” This spiritual body is the resurrection body.

Or, as stated by Abraham-Hicks in “Ask and it is Given”: “You are, even in your physical expression of flesh, blood and bone, a “Vibrational Being,”
-You are a physical extension of Source Energy.
-You live in an expanding Universe
-You are an expanding being.

And as defined by Deepak Chopra in “The Book of Secrets: “The Universe is a mirror of consciousness.”
“The body you once called yourself is not who you are anymore. The mind you once called yourself is not who you are anymore.
You step out of them easily, without effort. Both are temporary patterns that the Universe took for an instant before moving on.”
“Your actual self manifests at this moment as thoughts, emotions and sensations, passing across the screen of awareness. You recognize them as the meeting point between change and timelessness.”

And so, we come to know that Resting in the Presence is a state of being, of knowing our true selves by making a conscious decision to remember. And we remember through rest, through slowing ourselves so that we might partake of all that this Universe can provide.

So Why it is sometimes hard to Rest.

To understand that “we are only human,” and sometimes overtaken by the appearance of condition is a natural consequence of being in this chosen moment. It is, after all, what we knew we would be faced with when we decided to come to this plane. It is what we knew we would be raised with. It is part of that Race Consciousness that we experience, that causes us to doubt; that beings worry and conflict, both internal and external.

We come into this existence with an excitement for the experiences we will have. But there are many others who have entered this moment before us, each with their own excitement, experiences, likes, and dislikes that cause them to react, to fill their own lives with alternate desires and, through the illusion of time, often to forget their true nature. Like them, we find it sometimes easy to forget our own.

That is why it is so important to have a spiritual practice.  Here we can give credence to that inner voice that knows, and that knows that it knows.

Here we learn to breathe in the moment, to quiet our minds from the noise and distractions that surround us each and every second of our time here.

We learn to rest, to take time to listen and experience that which we are; to return to the bosom of Source and to remember why we are here.

Perhaps a more apt description of the day, of this very now moment is that We “rest within the presence,” allowing all feelings of lack to fall away, to be replaced by love and by knowing that all is well, and that only that which we allow into our experience shows up.

We take that knowledge and that reclaimed love of ourselves and all that surrounds us into our experience, seeing ourselves in each person, place and thing that we meet. We are confident knowing that we can return to that state of grace at a moment’s notice because we are conscious of our place within that presence.

Resting within the presence is, or should be our “go to” place. It provides us clarity when there is a question or doubt. It shines a beacon to take us out of dark places. It consoles us when we are in the throws of madness and gives us the joy of success and fulfillment as we strive to better ourselves and others.

All we need do is breathe, open ourselves and allow that connection to exist.

God is, we are and forever are the two intertwined as one.