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Contact Gerry and experience a  teacher who walks his talk. I’ve seen him face the most tragic of circumstances (death of his son due to a drug overdose) with amazing calm and grace. I’ve witnessed him identify a passion and diligently pursue it until he lives it! I have often wondered how Gerry is able to stay so centered, so focused, regardless of circumstances or challenges. Well, his secret is revealed in his book. Gerry’s insights and tools are clearly, beautifully, almost poetically, articulated. He walks you through the many exercises he has used, and continues to use to bring him to where he is today. I have found that when I practice what Gerry presents, the grass parts to show me the way. If you wish to discover the unique, individualized and magnificent person you are; how you got here, and how to get where you want to go, you will find Gerry’s book an invaluable roadmap to finding your path to happiness– Linnaea Mallette, Speaker, Author Read My Lips Tips for Success.

Gerry can be reached via phone at 61-67WISE1 (661-579-4731)