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Resting in the Presence, an analysis of Spirit

Resting in the Presence

What an interesting talk title. Filled with meaning, specific to each of us and yet common to all of us.

Resting: Let’s take a minute and think about that word and it’s meaning. How would you define it?


Being still, asleep, breathing deeply in the silence, a Meditative state, relaxing after a time of activity, being comforted in the arms of a loved one
and there are so many more.

But let’s think about how it is to be truly resting.
Would you agree that when you rest there is a sense of release? That there is a sense of peace, of freedom from the concerns of the day; from feelings of lack or hunger, worry or doubt. Why?

Take a moment to imagine yourself at rest. How do you feel when you are at rest? Does all seem right with the world in that moment?

I think that, when we are truly at rest, there is a sense of knowing; a sense of completeness; an intuitive declaration, if you will, that “I am not alone,” that there is a plan and that I am part of it.

It is a feeling that all is well with the universe and, as I am part of this Universe, so it is that all is well with me.

Even more so, that when I am at rest, when I am consciously aware of my unique role in this place, I know that I share in that knowing, and I share in the “now moment” of the “All that is”.

What a freeing experience!

On the other hand, there is also a kind of finality in the word: Rest:

Final resting place
Rest in Peace

But in this finality, there is also a promise of more. A promise that can only be filled at the end of our time on this plane. (At Least that is what the traditional beliefs seem to tell us.)

But “Resting in the Presence” is different from Resting in that final place where our physical bodies are placed at the end of our time on this plane.

Or is it?

We have talked before about the commonality of energy shared amongst all things seen and unseen.

We have discussed the scientific realizations of this Universal “stuff” or, as Troward would describe it, “Primordial Ooze” connecting everything regardless of its appearance, through vibrational variances.

We also know that, if we maintain our spiritual practice, that meditation can unite us on a conscious level with that Greater part of us. That is why many of us are called to the ocean or the forest or desert, or other place: Nature.

It provides us with a physical place to rest our minds and a means of connecting with that which we know ourselves to be.
How many of you have a spiritual practice?
How many of you are still trying to figure out what that means?

It is not the same for everyone. Here’s what I aspire to do:
Meditate, read something I find interesting, write in a contemplative fashion, do something musical. I do what works for me to be able to connect with that inner, Greater part of me.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to admit that your practice needs work. We all find ourselves distracted at one time or another.

But getting back to today’s topic:

Notice that this talk is about Resting “In” the Presence as opposed to outside of, next to, down the street from or any other form of separation. For is in not true that, through our inner knowing as well as by the physical sciences, we know there is no separation between the “physical” and the non-physical?

Even when we try to differentiate between that “final resting place” and the “afterlife” we know that there is no separation. The basics of religion tell us that:

Genesis 3:19 (King James Version): In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

Or, as Holmes defines Death in The Science of Mind Textbook: “God is not a God of the dead, but of the living, for in His sight, all are alive.” The Spirit is both birth-less and deathless. The Principle of Life cannot know death. The experience of dying is but the laying off of an old garment, and the donning of a new one. “There are bodies celestial and bodies terrestrial, there is a material body and a spiritual body.” This spiritual body is the resurrection body.

Or, as stated by Abraham-Hicks in “Ask and it is Given”: “You are, even in your physical expression of flesh, blood and bone, a “Vibrational Being,”
-You are a physical extension of Source Energy.
-You live in an expanding Universe
-You are an expanding being.

And as defined by Deepak Chopra in “The Book of Secrets: “The Universe is a mirror of consciousness.”
“The body you once called yourself is not who you are anymore. The mind you once called yourself is not who you are anymore.
You step out of them easily, without effort. Both are temporary patterns that the Universe took for an instant before moving on.”
“Your actual self manifests at this moment as thoughts, emotions and sensations, passing across the screen of awareness. You recognize them as the meeting point between change and timelessness.”

And so, we come to know that Resting in the Presence is a state of being, of knowing our true selves by making a conscious decision to remember. And we remember through rest, through slowing ourselves so that we might partake of all that this Universe can provide.

So Why it is sometimes hard to Rest.

To understand that “we are only human,” and sometimes overtaken by the appearance of condition is a natural consequence of being in this chosen moment. It is, after all, what we knew we would be faced with when we decided to come to this plane. It is what we knew we would be raised with. It is part of that Race Consciousness that we experience, that causes us to doubt; that beings worry and conflict, both internal and external.

We come into this existence with an excitement for the experiences we will have. But there are many others who have entered this moment before us, each with their own excitement, experiences, likes, and dislikes that cause them to react, to fill their own lives with alternate desires and, through the illusion of time, often to forget their true nature. Like them, we find it sometimes easy to forget our own.

That is why it is so important to have a spiritual practice.  Here we can give credence to that inner voice that knows, and that knows that it knows.

Here we learn to breathe in the moment, to quiet our minds from the noise and distractions that surround us each and every second of our time here.

We learn to rest, to take time to listen and experience that which we are; to return to the bosom of Source and to remember why we are here.

Perhaps a more apt description of the day, of this very now moment is that We “rest within the presence,” allowing all feelings of lack to fall away, to be replaced by love and by knowing that all is well, and that only that which we allow into our experience shows up.

We take that knowledge and that reclaimed love of ourselves and all that surrounds us into our experience, seeing ourselves in each person, place and thing that we meet. We are confident knowing that we can return to that state of grace at a moment’s notice because we are conscious of our place within that presence.

Resting within the presence is, or should be our “go to” place. It provides us clarity when there is a question or doubt. It shines a beacon to take us out of dark places. It consoles us when we are in the throws of madness and gives us the joy of success and fulfillment as we strive to better ourselves and others.

All we need do is breathe, open ourselves and allow that connection to exist.

God is, we are and forever are the two intertwined as one.


Will Prosperity Make Me Be Happy?

There are many words used to define Prosperity.

Some can be found in as including: A successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; I suspect that this is the one most often used: Financial respects.


But there are also Other words used as synonyms. These include Abundance, Success, Well-being, Ease, Good, Blessing, Accomplishment, Plentifulness, Godsend and Happiness.

Ernest Homes, in the Science of Mind textbook (page 54) includes in this definition of prosperity the concept of “Truth.” In discussing how to use this philosophy, he concludes that “The practice of the Science of Mind calls for a positive understanding of the Spirit of Truth; a willingness to let this inner Spirit guide us, with the conscious knowledge that ‘The law of the Lord is perfect.’”

In my own interpretation of this philosophy, Prosperity and Truth are synonymous in knowing that there is a Power and Presence for Good in the Universe and that we can use it. Indeed, if one were to think about it, that there is a Power and Presence for Good in the Universe and that we can use it, I submit that this statement is  what many would consider to be the definition of prosperity.

This concept of prosperity, of Truth and of there being a power and presence for good in the Universe at our disposal is no stranger to human existence. For example, in the book of Mark it is stated:

Mark 11:24 – Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive [them], and ye shall have [them].


If Thomas Troward were to chime in,  he might define prosperity as the alignment of thought and the physical so as to mold the primordial ooze of creation into that which we most cherish in our existence.

If we were to include Abraham-Hicks we might say that prosperity is the process of focusing one’s attention on what one wants as opposed to what one does not want based on the realizations gleaned from that process of contrast in our existence so as to allow one’s rockets of desires to explode into the law of attraction and to rain down upon us the Good that results from such desires. In other words, Ask and it is given.

While there is no specific reference in the Science of Mind index for the word “prosperity”, Holmes includes in his glossary (page 622) the following definition: “Prosperity is the out-picturing of substance in our affairs.” He explains it this way: “Everything in the Universe is for us. Nothing is against us.” And as a practical guide, he sets forth that We must know that everywhere we go we meet friendship, love, human interest and helpfulness. Life is ever giving of itself. We must receive, utilize and extend the gift. Success and prosperity are spiritual attributes belonging to all people (although) not necessarily used by all people.

In the Science of Mind philosophy, we teach that there is only One: One Spirit, One All that Is, One Greater Consciousness and that Consciousness is God. Further, we teach that our existence on this plane stems from Spirit’s out-picturing of life in, as and through our experience. But at the same time, we teach that, although there is only one consciousness, each of us is an individual expression of that consciousness, that it is our free will and experience of the contrasts in life that determine our focus, and that the Law (through the use of the Law of Attraction), which, as a completely neutral giver of desires, gives us an abundance of those things we desire to have in our lives.

That means that we, as part of that greater consciousness, (which Holmes also calls God-Consciousness)have the power to create our experience. And it is generally created abundantly in our experience.

A friend of mine once told me that she was walking her dog while in a really crappy mood and, in its ever neutral declaration of “you want it, you got it” she ending up stepping in a pile of the same Crap that had been her mood, except this time it was in physical form.

And if that was not proof enough of the Universe’s reaction to our desires, the very next time she went out, she happened to be in a great mood, feeling abundance in all its forms and there appeared a $20.00 bill in her path.

Think about it. Haven’t you had the same or similar experiences in your own life?

Okay, how many of use have been in a bitch session? It’s like a magnet sometimes. One person complains about something and then someone else complains and before you know it everyone is letting loose with disparaging remarks. I guess one could say that the comments were flying in an abundant manner and the negativity was living a very prosperous life, yes?


How about this one: You are having a meeting with the same group that just finished the bitch session only this time it is a brain storming session. Idea after idea pops into your head and everyone is just amazed at all of the ideas you are coming up with. Are you having a creatively prosperous experience?

Now let’s look at a longer term experience. We have all had the experience of making the same mistake over and over because of some almost pre-programed-like behavior that we have not realized is attracting it to us over and over again. I guess one could call that an abundantly prosperous opportunity to learn how to recognize that we need to walk a different path. Hmmm. Does that mean there are more types of prosperity than the dictionary would have us believe? Does Prosperity always have to carry a positive or negative tone? Just giving you some food for thought.

In the Science of Mind philosophy we use terms like First Cause, Law, Manifestation, Lack and Limitation and its opposite, Limitless Possibilities. We use processes like Affirmative Prayer to help us focus on those wants, desires and aspirations that we want to manifest and experience in our lives. We use them to change conditions, to provide an outlet for gratefully acknowledging our wants and desires, to become prosperous in what we have treated for.

We use Meditation to clear our minds of the everyday chatter that keeps us from consciously connecting with our God- Consciousness, and then to help us see and know the Truth of our existence. And once we have reached that calm knowing of our Truth, that we are each an individual part of that God-Consciousness and that we have the power and presence of the Universe within us to bring about our Good, we realize that we do, indeed live a prosperous existence.


So now, let’s get to the nitty gritty. What is prosperity on an individual level and how do we attain it? Personally I believe that the definition of Prosperity is personal to the individual. Some may give it a meaning of more money or toys, others may talk in terms of an abundance of creativity, still others may define being prosperous as being surrounded by family and friends. For me, it connotes all of the above.

I am prosperous in knowing that my next meal is secure, that I have gas in my tank and some spending money in my pocket. I am living a financially prosperous life.

If I am given an outlet where I can let my creative side explore the infinite possibilities that exist in the Universe I am living a creatively prosperous life.

Having someone special in my life and add to it a few good friends to spend time laughing and doing things, I am prosperous in my relationships.

And if I am able to devote time to my spiritual practice through reading, taking classes, writing down my thoughts and connecting to that God-Consciousness on a deeper level through meditation, I am truly living a blessed and abundantly prosperous experience of life.

When it comes down to it, Prosperity, in all of its forms, leads to what I consider the ultimate goal in life: That of experiencing more, of becoming greater today than I was yesterday through all of these forms of giving and receiving, but especially by satisfying that inbred desire of living each day, each moment, each second of now in that self-realization of oneness, and of knowing that I can create my experience by living in conscious awareness of the Power and Presence of Good and that not only it is available to me to use in my life, but that it broadens me while adding, in a positive way, To that God-consciousness from which I come, in which I share and in which I create.


Can prosperity make me happy? What do you think?

What is Prayer: Thought? Desire? Wish? Belief?

According to the WebBible Encyclopedia, “Prayer is conversation with God; the intercourse of the soul with God, not in contemplation or meditation, but in direct address to him. Prayer may be oral or mental, occasional or constant, ejaculatory or formal. It is a “beseeching the Lord” (Ex. 32:11); “pouring out the soul before the Lord” (1 Sam. 1:15); “praying and crying to heaven” (2 Chr. 32:20); “seeking unto God and making supplication” (Job 8:5); “drawing near to God” (Ps. 73:28); “bowing the knees” (Eph. 3:14).

We all pray. We grew up praying in church, at home, in the silence of our room, before acting on a challenging task, and in many other circumstances. Indeed, If one were to stop and think about it, one would recognize that our lives are replete with prayer in one form or another.


How many of you remember the prayer you made as a child when you did something that you knew was going to get you in trouble? It probably went something like this: “Dear God, please don’t let my parents find out about this. If you don’t let them find out, I promise that I will never do it again. In fact, I promise that I will do whatever it is I am supposed to do from this moment on. In my case, no matter how many times I pleaded and cried out with all the promises of the world, my parents still found out, giving way to my first lesson of the laws of the universe: cause and effect.

So what is Prayer? Emerson writes in his essay, “Pray Without Ceasing” : “It is not only when we audibly and in form, address our petitions to the Deity that we pray. We pray without ceasing. Every secret wish is a prayer. Every house is a church; the corner of every street is a closet of devotion…every desire of the human mind, is a prayer uttered to God and registered in Heaven.” (emphasis added)

So what is Prayer? Is it a wish? A thought? A desire? A belief? None of the above? All of the above?

Ernest Holmes writes, in Love and Law: “Prayer is nothing but mental attitude. It is a simple and direct, positive believing, mental attitude.” (Page 127) He further states in The Science of Mind Textbook: “it is a consciousness of one’s union with the whole.” (Page 151)


Recognition of our being in union with the whole of that greater consciousness can be a difficult task. After all most of us were brought up to believe that this consciousness (God) is a deity, separate and distinct from our lowly human selves. Indeed, we have been taught from the early days of existence that the only reason we are on this plane is to reach out our hands to the heavens in fear and awe, and to worship he who has created the heavens and the earth and the lowly creatures that inhabit it.

But at the same time we are taught that God is all there is. And if that is truly the case, does not that also mean that all we see around us, all that we are is in union with the all that is? This is the starting point to which Holmes and Emerson and all of the mystics point in their definition of prayer.

“Whoa now,” you might say. “Them’s some mighty big conclusions, and them conclusions are based on some mighty big assumptions. Them assumptions is based on a whole lot of statements from a few weirdos who spent most of their time in the woods staring at trees and water and such. How do we know what they claim is right? How do we know they’re not just full of hooey with all of their wishful thinking?”

Let’s look at it a little closer. Holmes says prayer involves a mental attitude and a belief in the union with a greater consciousness. So let’s look at attitude and belief.

Every Sunday, part of the ritual of one of the religious centers I attend is to say affirmations. Why? Does saying an affirmation multiple times really have any kind of effect?

Some years ago there was a psychologist named who conducted a study involving basketball players at a university. He chose three groups of students at random. None had ever practiced visualization. The first group practiced free throws every day for twenty days. The second and third groups made free throws on the first and twentieth day. The third group, in addition, spent 20 minutes every day visualizing free throws. If they “missed” they “practiced” getting the next shot right. On the 20th day Richardson measured the percentage of improvement in each group. The group that actually practiced free throws daily Improved by 24 percent. The second group did not improve at all. The third group improved by 23 percent.

In effect, by visualizing success, the third group developed an attitude of being able. They believed they would make the free throws and the results were commensurate with their beliefs. They had an attitude for success.

In this philosophy that I study we state our belief in a higher power. We state our belief that there is a power and a presence for good in the Universe and that we can use it. We make declarations of knowing, holding our good high in our minds and in gratitude for the results that we know will follow. We do this because we know that there is a connection, a union, if you will, between ourselves and that greater Consciousness. We experience this connection through our spiritual practice of meditation and affirmation. We hold ourselves in conscious awareness of who and what we are. We allow ourselves to step higher in that consciousness each day, declaring ourselves to be whole, perfect and complete by virtue of our ability to direct our thoughts and our lives through affirmative prayer.

So What is Prayer? I submit that Prayer is a belief, it is a belief in being a part of something greater. It is a knowing that there is a power and presence for good in the universe and that we can use it. It is a knowing that when we ask, when we focus on our good, when we believe that we have a say in the manifestation of our thoughts and desires, when we hold up our hands in an unwavering belief that there is only one, when we declare that we are part of that one and that our declaration of that belief has power, we begin to understand, and to live in gratitude. And when we live in gratitude, we become aware of the power of our beliefs, in the power of our words and in the power of that which we call prayer.


Reality or the Ravings of a Madman?

We all have doubts at some time or other. They can hit hard, sometimes making it seem that all is lost.
Fearful of what lays behind those doubts, we try to hide them away in the farthest reaches of our mind. When we are successful we feel a moment’s relief. But those doubts are still there, festering, growing into a malignancy that reaches out, shovel in hand, in what seems an all out effort to end us. And so we (I), turn inward for that conversation that I know must happen. I share this because I know that I am not alone in my doubt. I share this hoping that those in need will take some comfort knowing that they, too, are not alone. I share this because I know there are answers and that there is love and comfort to be had by all.

When I have doubt, I write. I ask questions, pouring my vulnerability out on paper. It’s just me there with my thoughts of self-doubt, lack and of feeling lost. But then a conversation begins and the resonance of my worth is shown to me. If this causes you to pause and reflect, if this causes you to turn inward in your search for truth then I am successful. If not, perhaps your truth lies on another path and I wish you well in your travels.

These are my questions and the answers that became a part of my being.

Q: “Oh God, how fearful I am that I will disappoint thee. How fearful I am that I will disappoint myself and all those who depend on me for their needs on this physical plane. Take my by the hand and guide me, loudly that I, in my stubbornness and Distractable frailty may hear your words. Leave no doubt in your wants and needs with me for I know that I must be here for a reason other than to just be.”

“You have shown me so much in this life. I feel that I was excited to begin this adventure but now I fear that I have failed you and myself in my reason for being. More than half of my aloted time has passed and I have yet to understand. I am not sure that I even understand what it is that I am supposed to understand. There are so many questions. Will you answer them for me?”

A: “Most of them”

Q: “Why not all of them?”

A: “That is our agreement”

Q: “What agreement?”

A: “That you shall live in the moment, in this physical plane called Earth, and you shall experience this reality. You shall meet many others like yourself and acknowledge the “God” within them. You shall help them to experience the “God” that they know to be within but which they have forgotten. You will help to bring them back to me that they should finish what they have come to this life to accomplish and bring them back to their source for the rest of eternity to experience.
That you shall love me as I love you. We are one, you and I and you shall remember this.”

Q: “I will try but it is difficult when there is so much keeping me from those memories of you. In particular is this part of me that seems intent on keeping me from remembering that which you say I truly am.”

A: “This is Ego. But I did not create the Ego to keep from being remembered. Ego is a result of our agreement that you shall have free choice. For if you knew and understood the complete truth of who you are there would be no reason for this moment called Earth or Physical Existence. Your life is eternal.”

Q: “Please then, tell me who I am.”

A “You are life eternal. You are called by many names as I am called by many names. That is because we are one, you and I.”

Q: “What does that mean, that you and I are one?”

A: “There is only the One, and that is what you call God. And if there is only God, then it stands to reason that you are part of God.”

Q: “Does that go for everyone and everything?”

A: “Do you remember earlier in this moment when your perception was through younger eyes, that you were told that God is everywhere?”

Q: “Yes.”

A: “Do you remember being told that God is also in everything?”

Q: “Yes.”

A: “That is the truth of existence. I am everywhere and in everything, including you. Do you also remember being taught that God created everything?”

Q: “Yes.”

A: “If God is in everyone and in everything and if God is all there is and if God created everything, where do you suppose all of this stuff came from?”

Q: “You?”

A: “That is correct. Now let me ask you a question.”

Q: “Really? You’re asking me a question?”

A: “Yes: Is it really so hard to believe that if God is all there is and if God created everything, that you are part of God?”

Q: “Well, aside from thousands of years of being taught that we are creations of God and that our sole purpose is to pray to and revere and worship God, it does kind of make sense.”

A: “The part of you that questions is Ego and we have already discussed that. Still, it bears repeating that Ego was created to allow you choice. The vast majority of you have chosen to allow Ego to emotionally set you apart from who you really are. Without Ego, however, you would not experience the physical world. You would see through the veil of this existence and simply remain in the vibrational state from whence you came.”

Q: “Oh boy, did you open up a lot of things to talk about.”

A: “Go ahead. It is time that this was all explained. And as to your question of whether to share this conversation, yes. Those who read it will hear what they need to hear. Those who are not yet ready will think this the ravings of a madman. Either way, when you knock the door shall be open as it always has and always will.”

Q: “Thanks. And thank you for letting me know that God has a sense of humor.”

A: “Do you have a sense of humor?”

Q: “Yes, and it is a good one.”

A: “Who do you think gave it to you?”

Q: “You?”

A: “Actually, if we go back to the central question, which I have already answered, you did. I know that may seem confusing but I think you have progressed to where you can understand the concept. If you analyze it further, which I will do for you in a moment, it should become clear. Let’s start with some basics that you are familiar with: 1. There is only God and God is all there is. 2. God created everything and is everywhere. So, using simple math (to put it in physical terms) God + God = God, and God is all there is, and you were created by God. Therefore you are part of the “all there is” which is God. If you are part of the “all there is” and if “all there is God, then you are part of God. Chew on that for a bit and when you are ready we can move on to the next question.”


Living With Passion and Purpose

I have been rehearsing two beautiful and moving pieces of music that I will be singing as a duet with a wonderful soul this Sunday. “One With the Divine” by Gary Floyd and Doug LeBow and the other is “Only What You Make of It” by Little Big Town. I find rehearsing easy because I am really looking forward to performing. It is something that brings me joy: working with talented musicians, creating a sound that will move people to a better place. It is very far from the #thisaintit that so many experience on a daily basis. I am very grateful to have found something that brings me (and others) so much joy!
So, what is your joy? Do you have a passion? If you do, how often do you engage in the activity? If you are not doing it on a regular basis, what is holding you back? And what is holding you back from figuring out what is holding you back?
So often we let “life” get in the way of taking that next step to a happier and more fulfilling life. We say “I would love to do that but I have too much_________ to let me get to it.(You can fill in the blank) Sometimes that may be exactly the case. But it cannot be that way all of the time…unless we are doing things to keep it that way. Sometimes, without even realizing it, we subconsciously take on “duties” that we know will keep us from moving toward joy. Sometimes because the change is really, really scary, sometimes because our past has convinced us that we will not be successful in taking the chance at happiness.
What I know, as Abraham would say, is that there is nothing you cannot be, do or have if you will allow it into your life. And how do you allow it into your life? That, my friend, is the easy first step. If you know, or even have an idea of what would bring joy to your life, see yourself doing it. But not just in the daydream kind of sight; really SEE yourself doing it. See, hear and feel yourself there. Feel the rush of the excitement as you are in the midst of what brings you so much joy! For me and singing, I can certainly feel it while rehearsing, but I also see myself in front of the audience, surrounded by my fellow musicians (the band, the stage, and so forth) and I allow it all to invade my experience. MMMM. It feels like happiness. It feels like love. It feels like warm hugs, like the universe holding me it its arms.
Get the idea?
When you can SEE yourself doing what it is you love to do, you raise your experience to a higher vibration. You become one with the divine, and the Universe listens. It listens and then rushes to catch up to your vibration, bringing with it all of those things needed to make your experience real.
It, disney splash 3 You know that question everyone always walks around asking? “What is my purpose? I must be here for a reason.” Now you know the answer as well. You are here to life a happy, exciting and passionate life, ever growing, ever experiencing more and loving every minute of it!

Step 4: How Big is Your “But”?

1327154265eN7XXoFor the vast majority of us, having an idea of what we can be passionate about is about as far as it goes. The reason is the BUT. 
So how big is your “but?” What are the reasons that you have decided not to pursue your dream? I am mot trying to be harsh by calling it a decision but that’s really what it is. Decisions are made all day, every day. What time to set the alarm, what to eat, the kind of shampoo and toothpaste, whether to buy a car and, if so, what kind, and the list goes on. 
What influences us to make decisions about our everyday lives? Cost? Availability? What other people are doing? What other people are thinking? In particular, what other people may be thinking about us?  Probably. But what other reasons (excuses) have been keeping you from moving forward with your dream besides all of that? Its that list of “Yeah, but’s” isn’t it.  Yes, I would love to do x, but… Or I have always dreamed of doing Y but….
So when I ask you for the size of your “but” what I am really asking is that you take stock of yourself, your life, your desires and the excuses you are making to keep yourself from going forward. Take a close look at them. In fact, write down what you dream about doing and then below it, write down everything you can think of about why you have not done it yet. Your list of excuses will Immediately the list shrink and, when you really look at it the excuses won’t really seem that insurmountable. 
“I don’t know how to do it.” Well, who does and where can you learn?
“I don’t have the money.” So how much money would it take and how long to save it? Are there others who have the same dream and would like to partner up? Share the cost? 
“I have way too many other things on my plate to do first.” Have you looked at that list of stuff? Are there things that really need to be done first? How long would it take to clear some of that clutter? Can you devote some time on your calendar each week for your dream?
How big is your “but list” really? Are you using that list to keep you stuck in your current reality? How bad will you feel when you have allowed so much time to go by that your “but list” has become your “if only” list?
Think about how you would feel just taking one small step in the direction of your dream. It doesn’t have to be a big step, just a step. Remember, one degree of change can be all that is needed to turn your bubbling pot of boiling water into the steam needed to get your engine running. 
I think Martin Luther King, Jr. said it very well: “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

Step 3 With a Patriotic Flair

images-3Unknown-1The 4th of July! Fireworks, family, celebrating freedom and a new ideal never quite seen in the history of man! A culmination of thought, of dreams, of movingsecuredownload forward with a passion for more! What a perfect example of this third step in finding fulfillment in life!
This day represents a letting go of past obstacles, of realizing that we are not bound by the will,or perceptions of others. Our founders came here to get away from the old, from perceptions of lack and to move forward with their ideals! (Step one.) They arrived with little and that is where they started. Where else could they start but from where they were? (Step 2)
They had an idea of what they didn’t want and that’s why they left their old world in the first place. They sought to pursue what they did like. So, step three is to figure out what you want to do. It starts with a question: What would you do if you knew you could not fail? I would hope it to be something that you really love doing but you have not tried because of all the things that get in most peoples’ way. (Rent, Mortgage, car payment, taking care of the family, work, inexperience, cost, etc., etc., etc.)
So ask yourself what it is that you love to do! What would you do if money were not a consideration? If failure were not an option? Once you have identified whatever “it” is, write “it” down. Once you have written “it” down, keep “it” where you can see it. Keep “it” in the forefront of your mind and see if you don’t start taking steps in that direction.
And if I can’t figure out what “it” is, you ask? If you are one of those who has never given much thought to that burning sensation for excitement that you always mistook for indigestion, start by writing down things that you like to do, that you are good at, that people come to you for help with. These might give you some ideas. Regardless of our conscious recognition of such things, we tend to gravitate to those things we find enjoyable, so there is going to be some aspect of what you do that will lead you to the epiphany of your life’s desires.
Here’s an exercise for you: make a small kite (a diamond shaped piece of paper, with a string attached at the bottom for a tail), take some pieces of fabric and write your dreams on them and then tie them to the kite tail. Hang it up on the wall or from the ceiling and imagine your kite of dreams as it soars into the limitless sky. There is a universe of limitless possibilities waiting for you out there. You just have to choose one and take a step towards it.
Tune in next time for the next step where we will identify some ways of helping make your dreams come to fruition.
“It’s All About Me”

The Second Step in Finding Fulfillment

Hopefully you have had some time to think about that first step. If not, that’s okay. You will when you are ready. Everyone moves at their own pace, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is not a race nor should you feel pressured to move forward any faster than your comfort level will allow.
The second step comes in two parts. Part one is revisiting step one until you have a clear understanding that your past is the shaper of who you have come to be, as well as a directional indicator of things to come…if you allow it.
As you have seen in “It’s All About Me,” there is only one person who has lived your life and that is you. Your spouse, significant other, friends and family can share their own opinions based on their own life experiences, but unless Mr. Spock gave them a lesson in mind-melding, they will not have felt your feelings, seen from your eyes or stood in your shoes. Any advise they try to give, no matter good their intentions, can only be based on their own perspectives of life. (And those attempts at advice are also part of what has brought you to where you are.)
What we are talking about here is perspective (YOURS).
Everything you have done, not done or thought of doing has resulted in a feeling. Good, bad or indifferent, you have felt something about each and every action, inaction, statement and comment encountered in your life. Even reading this is causing you to think and feel. The question is whether those thoughts and feelings are being impacted by similar throughout and feelings (or reactions) you have experienced in your past. Are there triggers that cause you to think and feel a certain way? Probably. Are these reactions/thoughts/feelings/opinions you have formed valid, or are you allowing triggers (automatic and unconscious reactions to given stimuli) to dictate your perspective of the event? Think about it and then go to the next line.
So here is the second step: Acknowledge that your past experiences have an effect on how you perceive things today, and be cognizant of how those past experiences can trigger perceptions (which can then trigger actions, inactions, etc) can cause you to keep spinning on a merry-go-round of always bing on the move but never really going anywhere. I call this conscious acknowledgment “critical thinking.” No, that does not mean to criticize yourself for having triggers. (Incidentally, triggers come from a very legitimate instinct for self-preservation, which will be discussed again later and also in my book.)
So, the next time you have an experience (action, inaction, hearing someone say something that you may otherwise perceive as being about you, etc) will you be giving in to some pre-programmed trigger based on your past experiences or will you step off the merry-go-round and onto a more exciting ride?stock-photo-carousel-in-a-square-in-florence-italy-142109407

The First Step in Finding Fulfillment

UnknownThere is only one place to begin any search. It is the same place we have all heard over and over again. Perhaps in different words or formations of words, but nevertheless, always the same: You can only start from where you are. 
The usual response? “Oh thanks. Another riddle. What the heck does that mean: start from where you are?” Although the answer may be simple, it also requires some thought, some work and a willingness to accept the possibility of change.
To start from where you are is to understand that those places that you have been looking, those haunting mistakes of your past, those worries about the future are exactly the wrong places. Yes, the past is important, but only from the perspective of acknowledging that our past is full of experiences that were either pleasant, unpleasant or somewhere between. The other aspect of our past is to realize that many of us get caught up in it to the exclusion of all else. We “live from the past” so to speak, blindly and unconsciously making the same choices, hanging with the same people (good bad or indifferent), and all the while wondering why nothing in our present has changed. 
What we must do, what YOU must do, if you are to experience something different; if you are to find fulfillment, is to begin from the only place you can; and that is in the here and now. But this time you must fog forwarding a  different way than you have always done. You must stop living from your past. It is enough to say that your past has brought you to where you are today. It is enough to recognize that your past experiences have brought valuable lessons from which to learn. Once you have done that, let it go and get over it. 
Learn from your past. It is a valuable source of information. But whatever those experiences are, they do not define your future. What you do from here, however, will.
That should be enough to get you thinking. Sleep on it and check in again for your next step.

Your Future Awaits

disney splash 3As I sit back and surrender to the great expanse of consciousness, I know that the days ahead of me are filled with excitement and wonder and love. I relax in the knowing that my preparations are complete; that my journey, which begins in my expectation of all things good, is filled with just that. I declare my knowing of this to be complete and without question. My suitcase is filled with all that I require to prepare for and to experience the joy of travel, of companionship with those who share my path and with all of those who I meet along the way. 
The sun is bright overhead, raining its warm rays upon me, clearing away any clouds of doubt or apprehension and leaving only the comfort of knowing that I travel in safety. 
It is with God’s perfection that I travel this path before me. It can be no other way for I, as a child and co-creator in consciousness declare it to be so. 
As I ride along my highway of wonder, I give my attention to those things that bring me joy. My camera takes each picture as perfectly as my eyes have seen and continue to bring me back to that moment of joy when that button was first pushed, recording that instant for all-time. My ears hear with an accuity never before heard. My eyes see all and my skin revels with each breath, rippling with the joy of the experience as each goose bump  forms at the sight/sound and feeling of my journey. 
I am a co-creator of my experience and I know that as I let this word fly into the ever expanding consciousness of the all that is, that it is accepted and magnified and returned to me in ways more remarkable than can be described on this earthly plain. 
I am so grateful for this time away, for the experience of this adventure, for all of the wonder and excitement that it brings and I accept it for everything that I know it is. It is my joint creation with the all that is and it brings me no less that the perfection that I Know it to be. I declare it to be so knowing that it already is in my mind and in the mind of God, and so it is.