It's All About Me BookWhen you are ready to change life’s direction, when you have decided that this just ain’t it anymore, “It’s All About Me” will provide you the method for that change. You are a uniquely magnificent expression of life. You are here to be happy, to live a fun and exciting life. Only YOU can define what that is. “It’s All About Me” focuses on your realization of your dream through methods designed to bring our the “Me” that resides in each of us.

Life’s questions have answers and I know there is a method for discovering both. As an Author, Practitioner and student I have learned to listen and to know myself. I have discovered that the method for finding answers to life’s questions is not in some far distant and mysterious land but within my own being. This book is a compilation of my life’s discoveries, moulded into a method where the reader can realize that it really is all about the “me” who chooses to walk the path of passion, purpose and success. I live in Valencia, California with the love of my life, Kathy. We may not have realized the other’s presence at Fort Lewis during our Army training but our lives have not suffered for the experience. Now we share with each other, support each other’s dreams and aspirations and celebrate each other’ successes. We do this while continuing on paths once divergent but that now parallel through all of the wonders that life has to offer.

Contact me when you need answers, when you think you are stuck or if you just need a push to take that first step forward. Everything: Your dreams, your aspirations, your happiness, is waiting for you.