The End and The Beginning

As 2015 nears its end, it makes room for the cycle to begin anew. It is a traditional time for contemplation, of remembrance, of taking stock of lessons learned and the promise of future. It is a time for family, for love and, yes, even tearful reunions with friends, loved ones and the memories of those who have gone on to better things. In celebration of this time, I thought it appropriate to share all of these things. Whether you have just started your journey, are in the middle or have seen it to fruition, there is a part of this to which you will connect. Enjoy.

They come out screaming
They eat and they Sleep
They wake us up
When we’re really beat.

They mess their diapers
They drool on our arms
They laugh and they giggle
They spell us with charms.

They smile and they snuggle
They coo like a dove
They give us a glimpse
Of God’s endless Love.

They’ve learned how to walk
They’re experts at crawling
They scream really loud
They’ve taken up drawing.

They run us all ragged
They fill us with pride
They teach us to laugh
When they sleep in mid-stride.

They bring us their prizes
They give us their love
They must have been sent
From Heaven above.

They cling to us tightly
They stare at the sight
They run to us crying
When school is their plight.

Then bravely they leave us
Head bowed to the floor
We turn and start crying
As we walk out the door.

The day goes so slowly
We worry and then
Here they come running
To our arms once again.

They wrote us a letter
They learned how today
They read it so proudly
We frame it that way.

Each day a new treasure
They bring us to share
So filled with excitement
No words can compare.

They grow and they learn
They come so alive
They bring home their friends
The mess, we survive.

They start playing sports
Or they dance or they cheer
They grow up so fast
Has it been five whole years?

Their lives are so active
It’s hard to keep straight
Hurry up, get your shoes on
Don’t want to be late.

But all through the crazy
The rush to the sun
Their core sense of family
Is never undone

Now sixth grade’s upon them
They act so mature
They grow up so quickly
But that you can’t cure.

They just become teens
Start “hanging around”
They’re no longer babies
Mom’s wearing a frown.

The homework they battle
It’s just not their way
The parents go crazy
The future looks gray.

But then something happens
Like a ray from the sun
It brings out the hope
That your battle is won.

Their path becomes clearer
As they find their own way
Back to their senses
What a glorious day!

You’re at the commencement
it all rushes in
Those memories of yesteryear
Did they not just begin?

They look now towards High School
And the panic sets in
It all seems so frightening
For you, not for them.

Now comes the awakening
The changes are fast
Its life that they lust for
And for girls, a hot bath.

They find life exciting
There’s so much to do
From studies to football
And a little dating too.

The year passes quickly
Just memories now
The child you once cradled
Towers over your brow.

That first year behind them
Their confidence grown
It’s onto the second
For adventures unknown.

This second year’s scary
They learn how to drive
Does the doctor give Valium
Will I survive?

Then comes Winter formal
That’s when you realize
The growth and the beauty
In front of your eyes.

So young and so lovely
With so much to learn
You wish the years slowly
More slowly would turn.

But time marches forward
Their lives move along
Now the job market teaches
Reality’s song.

By now they have tasted
Their best and their worst
They think they’ve decided
Their passion’s been heard.

You tell them slow down
Don’t make your mistake
You’ve been there and done that
Your heart starts to ache.

You see so much promise
You wish all the best
You hope that they hear you
The future’s their test.

The last year’s upon them
And ready they’ll be
To move onto college
To life’s liberty.

They breeze through their classes
They take S.A.T.’s
They send applications
They play wait and see.

Then prom night’s upon them
The year’s near at end
You know its not long now
Your worries descend.

The big day’s upon you
You rush to your seat
The Principal’s giving
The year’s final speech.

Your baby’s not ready
Your eyes fill with tears
The thought of them leaving
Is your life’s greatest fear.

And then you remember
How they’ve changed, how they’ve grown
You watch them so proudly
In their cap and their gown.

They go off to college
To follow their dreams
They way that you hoped for
When they were but gleams.

They write home for money
And this you pay too
To help them to realize
Their dreams to come true.

A lifetime of study
They cram in so few
There’s so much to learn now
There’s so much to do.

Then one day its over
A new life begins
They spread wings and fly away
Your face tears and grins.

Then just when they’ve dried up
These tears that you’ve thrown
You find that they’re bringing
Someone special to your home.

In shock you ask questions
You have to be sure
That true love has found them
Just that, nothing more.

You watch them together
You see their love grow
The look on their faces
Are ones that you know.

Their love appears boundless
Like yours at their age
You think back remembering
How love turned the page.

Two years they’re approaching
Best friends they’ve become
Two lives, although separate
Grow closer to one.

They talk of the future
Their hopes and desires
Their love for each other
That church with the spires.

You know that it’s coming
Its plain on his face
The question she’s hoped for
The silk and the lace.

Then one day it happens
He’s down on one knee
The world stops to listen
To love’s melody.

The moment she’s looked for
Her tears he can see
The world cheers with thunder
His wife she will be.

The plans are a whirlwind
Of bridesmaids and gowns
Best men and tuxedos
A band with good sound.

The preacher selected
Arrangements are done
The day is upon them
When two become one.

The families are seated
Now comes down the isle
Two ushers and bridesmaids
They turn and they smile.

The groom and his mother
Their turn now they take
She kisses him gently
On the side of his cheek.

He turns now to greet her
The music begins
So lovely, so beautiful
She shines from within.

The father walks proudly
Her hand on his arm
To her new life he takes her
Full of love, far from harm.

Their vows and their promises
Their love they have pledged
Two lives bound together
It is done. They are wed.

Now off to the party
To celebrate life
With dancing and singing
It’s such a delight.

Their lives came together
Through love they are sewn
A new life awaits them
A family, a home.

The night of the phone call
You’ve waited so long
Your spirit flies high
Your heart fills with song.

These children so happy
So young so in love
A new life has joined them
From heaven above.

Her baby she gives you
To love and to hold
So precious, so little
Like her mother, she’s told.

This new life just started
You pass now to own
To your child all your wisdom
To your child how they’ve grown.

Your life’s come full circle
Your memories repeat
You feel oh so jealous
And yet so complete.

You’ve seen so much beauty
That comes from above
How great is this gift
Of God’s greatest love.

disney splash 3



Is There an End? Asked and Answered

I began with a question: Is there an end to all of this?
The answer: yes, and no.

Each day ends with the setting of the sun but then begins a time for rest.
Each night ends with the rising of the sun. Each rising brings a new day, the start of a new and fresh beginning of the world.
Each rotation of day and night brings an end, but also starts a new march toward a season of change.
Each season begins and ends, bringing a new dawn of time in which to experience life.
Each breath ends with an exhale of nutrients to awaken the world around you.
Each sound ends only to allow another to begin.
Each blink of the eye captures the memory of what was seen, to be forever stored as a guide to that which comes next.
Look, see, hear, feel, taste that which surrounds you. Each aspect of this creation ends only that a new one may begin.

Each part of every ending becomes a part of every beginning, whether to provide nutrient or thought, idea or memory. Each end encompasses a beginning and each beginning and end. It is by Design.
Although the short answer to the question is yes, the deeper answer is left for you to ponder and understand that there truly is no end.

And then I asked: What about my own life? This is the response I received:

I am eternal. I have always been as I am now: an ever expanding Love. I created all that you see, hear, feel and know. As majestic as the heavens may be, as beautiful and wondrous as your surroundings may appear, they pale in comparison to that aspect of me which I hold in highest regard; that aspect of me which sees and experiences life, that thinks in ever expanding ways, that brings the uniqueness of its self into the fray of the All that is.

I am the All that is. I am the All that ever has been and the All that ever will be. And within me is you.

Just as with all that is in your experience, there is also with you: an eternal cycle of expandedness, bringing more than you remember home with you to the essence of my heart.

Ponder this and have faith. All is well now, in this moment, as it always has been and always will be.


A Higher Power

As the Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on life, its origins, family and all of the things for which I am grateful. I know that there is more to this life than my senses allow me to experience. And so I sit in quiet contemplation and know that the words that come have a truth that is Universal. I will share them with you here.

There is a Power and Presence here. It has always been and will always be. It is a Presence that I share, for it is of that Spark from which I come. It is that Thought from which all things come. It is as much a part of me as I am of it: never separate, never apart, living as One Indistinguishable Creator of All that is.

I am one with the Creator, sharing, being fed and giving of my own individual experience; ever adding to and ever reaping from the benefits of this Greater Expansion of Life.

This Power and Presence is my experience: open, available, waiting for my conscious realization of my own true nature. And so, in the stillness of this now moment, I allow that realization of my Truth to overshadow that which has here-to-fore distracted me from it.

I am this Power and Presence. I see through It’s eyes and share It’s thoughts, bringing forth a new understanding. I allow my veil of distraction to fall away and release my word, my vision of my Greater self into that deliverer of my desires, complete, unobstructed and perfect. It is returned to me in Exquisite form, for the Law only mirrors what it receives.

I admit that, in my life, there are moments of completeness and then there are moments of seeming separation. The reality is that there can be no separation from God. I am a manifestation of God. I am of that Greater Inner Being.

Let me explain it this way:

My eyes are part of my physical body, not separate. They share the same microbes. The same red blood cells bring them oxygen and nutrients that they bring the rest of my body. It is a single unit, this body. Each part receiving from the whole and giving of its self for the benefit of the larger me.

It is the same in my relationship with the Greater Intelligence. My Consciousness or Soul is a single part of the Greater. Each physical expression, each “Person” or “Life” created is done so as part of this Larger Consciousness. Everything is part of this Larger Consciousness: Birds, trees, the sun and the Universe. Each is nourished by and gives of its self for the expanded expression of the All that is.

And the seeming separation? Perhaps it stems from the freedom to know or not to know our Truth. And that knowing depends on our awareness or allowance of that knowing into our conscious living. It has always been in our Unconscious living. The trick has been getting it into our daily awareness.

I am grateful for this knowing, for this opportunity to see. I know that my Truth is ever present, ever growing, and I accept it. And as I accept it, I affirm this Truth by acknowledging it to be so, and so it is.


How to Attract What I Want

Attracting what you want in life can be as easy as 1, 2, 3…as long as you understand the Law of Attraction and you know what it is you want and don’t want.


You know that person, the one who tells the same story all the time about all of the terrible relationships they have had, how they always seem to attract the wrong kind of person and, no matter how much they focus on how they don’t what that kind of person in their life, they just seem to attract them anyway? And when they talk about the rest of what is going on in their life, it seems their personal life just spills over into that part as well. Right?

Some of us allow ourselves to get sucked into the story. Some of us want nothing to do with that story and get out of Dodge! But when we are around and listening to them, have you noticed that some of their “bad vibe” seems to rub off on you?

Have you ever said to yourself after one of these sessions with “that person” (or maybe you are that person) that you just want it all to stop?

The Law of Attraction is very agreeable. If it were a person, I would say it is a very agreeable fellow, but it is not. It is a LAW of a very abundant Universe that is only geared to give you that upon which you place your focus. Good, bad or indifferent, what you focus your attention on is exactly what it sees, hears and attracts.

So, as you can probably see, mindset is a very important part of attracting what you want. And mindset is a product of belief and belief is a product of how you have perceived everything you have experienced in life. For example, what do you think a person believes about him/herself when they have been told “No” or “Your not good enough” or “You won’t succeed” more than they have been told the opposite? That’s right, they are more likely than not believe that they are not capable, not smart, will never amount to anything. That is their mindset. It becomes like a default setting when they try to do more. It even results in some negative self-talk about their chances of survival.

On the other hand, what do you think the the mindset is of the person who has been encouraged, told “yes they can if they try” and like things? Do you think their default setting is a little different when they approach something new?

There is a wonderfully descriptive and helpful book out there titled “Mindset” that I encourage you to read. It really goes into a great deal of depth on this subject. You can order it from Amazon or in any brick and mortar book store. I’ll have it available on my recommended reading tab as well.

So, now we know that one’s mindset is important. Why? because it affects how one approaches everything in life. And knowing that the Law of Attraction is a very agreeable fellow, we know that to which we give our focus is generally what will be attracted to us.

This is actually a good thing, this knowing our mindset (how we approach things). I say this because knowledge can create change. If we are aware of how we are thinking about things, we can simply change our thought patterns, which change the kind of focus we give which results in that very agreeable fellow’s attraction of like things. In other words, we (YOU) have the ability to determine what we attract in our lives. Once we (YOU) control that, life can become very good, indeed.

So here’s a secret: Recognize how you feel about things when you think about them. If what you are focusing on is not something that you like, turn your attention to what it would be like to have something that you do like. Why? Because focusing on how lousy it feels to have or do “X” is communicating to that very agreeable fellow something to which you are giving a great deal of attention. The result? If that is what you are focusing your attention on, it must be something that you want. Otherwise you would not be giving it so much attention. On the other hand, if you acknowledge that thought as not being very pleasant and then turn your attention to something that is very agreeable, guess what that very agreeable fellow perceives as you wanting to attract. That’s right, that which is on your mind, to what you are giving your attention.

Let’s end this with an experiment. Think of something that wold bring you a great deal of joy. See it in your mind’s eye. See yourself enjoying it. Then see how real you can make it in your imagination. Think about how it feels to have it. Think about all of the wonderful things about it that make it so attractive to you. Why you want it, what it feels like. do that for a minute and see how it effects our outlook and then watch to see if things that lead you to that which gives you joy show up in your life.

When Passion Strikes

Some days are mundane. They involve the same old thing as every other day with the same people, the same activities, the same questions and answers, same, same, same. “Geeze,” we think to ourselves, “why can’t there be something new and exciting in life?” “I’m tired of doing the same old thing day in and day out! I need change!”

So, you spend your day thinking of all of the things in your life that don’t like. “I don’t like that anymore, its too hard or boring (or whatever).” Then you think of how things could be different, improved, better. You play the “what if” or “wouldn’t it be nice if” game and start getting all excited about how this new world of better and improved could really get exciting.

Here’s the crossroads. Now is generally when that Ego of yours starts talking about how the new would never make things better, that its too much change and change is scary and you are better off with the safely mundane.

What do you do? You have a choice, you know. (You always have a choice.) Do you dare to be different? Do you dare to allow yourself the chance at being more than you are? Or, do you fall back into living the same day over and over again, almost falling asleep because you could probably do it in your sleep anyway?

What does your intuition say? And how do you know if it is a good thing or a bad thing? What is the difference in feeling between that great new idea that hit you and the same old mundane? Great idea: excited, hopeful, giddy, can hardly keep still… Mundane: sleepy, bored, looking for more. Don’t know about you, but I would chose the great idea! Hey, if it doesn’t work the same old, boring and mundane will still be there.

I was recently invited to sing at my spiritual center. I had sung there many times before and started looking for music that was familiar. But I ran across this one piece that just spoke to me! Even though I really liked it, I found myself discussing with myself whether it would be appropriate, would I do a good job, whether it was something the congregation would be okay with. There were all sorts of reasons why I should not sing it, including that it was something I had not done before. It had a Soul!

What did I do? the same old mundane or something new and exciting? Well, I took the chance and it came our absolutely incredible (best one person had head in 5 years, he told me) So, I will share it with you here. I hope it will help get your engines revved up to take the chance the next time that great idea hits. Remember, you ALWAYS have a choice!

Here’s to passion and great ideas!


Changing the Story of You

So far we have learned that there is a huge difference between living from the past and learning from the past. Living from it is what many do because, let’s face it, it is hard to get past that Ego or Doubting Thomas when we are looking for change. Do you recognize the sounds and feelings of fear when change approaches? The heart pounds, breath gets shorter, beads of sweat start forming on the brow, all with the sound of that little voice inside that warns against it: “You know what happened last time. You fell and people laughed. It was humiliating. You certainly don’t want to go through that again. Stay here. It may not be comfortable, but it is what you know.”

Remember our discussion of fear? Ego hates change and so it sends the past to haunt your thoughts. When we can realize that, the size of our “But” shrinks and we make room for change. We start avoiding the beast!

Change is change. It necessarily means your approach to things has to be different than it has in the past. A big part of this is changing your beast’s story. By that I mean developing a new story. That’s where the lists of what you like, what people like about you and what you are good at come in. Once you can realize all of the things that you can do besides the same old rut activities that have kept you where you are, you can start taking steps (large or small) towards something for which you have a passion.

Let’s start with my story of you. No, I don’t know you, I may never have met you or seen the past you have been living with. But I know you. You are smart and capable. You are unique with a perspective of things that no one else has! You see, hear, feel, taste and smell things in a way that no one else could possibly imagine. And talk about creative! You life has been a journey off looking for more: more answers to those questions that fill you, a greater awareness of who you are and what drives you. You have a voice that people wait to hear. You have an idea that will change the way things are done, and for the better. You bring much more to this world that you realize!

So, let’s get started with changing the story of you. The past is the past. Stop living from it. The future is yours for the making. The only limitation is what you place on it in the here and now. And the now is where you start for that is all there really is; the now.

Here’s to change and knowing our truth!

The Truth of Who You Are

Surviving the Beast

Did you survive the beast? Did you take a look at your past and how it lead you to where you are today? Did you notice those things about your past that have recurred to the point of your head spinning? Good!

Your past is important. It is what has molded you into who you are today. Every conversation, every thought, every interaction with another, everything you have perceived through any of your senses, everything.

Applying your past to your present you will, if you are attentive, recognize a dichotomy. One one hand, your thoughts and perceptions become a slave to your past. You have, no doubt, encountered the FEAR of trying something new. A very common example is trying to get up and speak before an audience. If things did not go well in a past experience, or if you perceived someone’s words as doubting your abilities, your heart will pump out of your chest, you will sweat and stutter, your mind may go blank. Just the thought of getting up in front of people becomes the most frightening thought you can have. But really all that is happening is what I like to call your Ego protecting you from reliving the hurt of that past experience; from having to “face the beast.” Your Ego will pull out all the stops to try and save you from “the beast.”

On the other hand, your past experiences, if you apply the lessons you have learned and recognize your innate desire to be safe from “the beast,” can allow you to explore the new and exciting, to recognize that you bring something of substance to this world and that there is no end to the possibilities. Which one do you see in yourself? How limiting is your “beast?”

So, let’s take a look at your past in a constructive way and see if you can get past the Ego’s limitations. Get out a notebook and something to write with. Make sure there is room in the notebook for future entries as well. Also, because I have no idea of where you are in your past (whether you recognize the difference between learning from it and living from it yet) we will start with the basics of just making a list. We will call this “My List of Positives.” Quite simply, write a list of things that you know are good about you. Things you like to do, places you like to go, things that people come to you for help with, things you know you are good at. (I am, apparently, very good at ending sentences with prepositions. Lol.)

You do not have to have the list completed in the next ten minutes. Take your time, mull it over. Take your notebook with you this week. There will be, no doubt, times when you will say: “Oh yeah. I like doing _________ or I am good at _________, or wow! People really do come to me to help with __________.” You can fill in the blanks. And if you decide that something on your list really does not belong there, cross it out. This is your List of Positives and no-one else’s.

Bring the notebook with you for the next entry and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I am here to help you move forward to where you would like to be.


You can be, do and have anything if you will allow it into your life.

How Big is Your “But”

Fear can be overwhelming. It can leave you shaken and immovable. It is sly, deceiving and damning all at the same time.

So when was the last time you had this great idea that took you into a whirlwind of excitement? Did you act on that idea or, after the excitement calmed, allowed that all too familiar “but” to dissuade you from action? What did the “But” sound like? Not enough time to get it all done? (Like that doesn’t apply with what you are doing anyway.) Not enough know how? (And yet the computer and other sources are at your fingertips.) Can’t afford to go whole hog on the idea? (Yet you have room in your budget for many other things.)

What we are really talking about is FEAR.

FEAR comes from the need for self-preservation. You know, avoiding being eaten by the beast. Yes, I know, it’s been a long time since those days (unless you happen to be a lion tamer or something) but the instinct is there nevertheless. And it doesn’t mean that there is no longer a beast! Paying bills, holding down a job and caring for family and all of the “stuff” that comes with, or that is associated with it can be just as scary as any Sabertooth. The consequences may not be as deadly but the psychological effects of failure (being eaten by the beast) are just as real.

So how do we overcome FEAR? How do we get past that inner voice warning us not to go down that road lest we get eaten by the beast? That voice that reminds us of the last time we made a mistake and how it made us feel?

There are some realizations that we have to come to. The FIRST is knowing that we cannot change what happened in the past. And while we are thinking of that past, it is important to understand the difference between LEARNING from that past and LIVING from it. We can recognize past mistakes, different avenues that might have been taken, but we cannot afford to allow ourselves to wallow in those mistakes and be stuck forever in the mire of perceived failure.

That is a lot! Just understanding that a past mistake has had a stagnating effect on our ability to move forward is HUGE! If you think on it, you may find that one or more past mistakes has accounted for a really big “But”.

So take some time to think about this first step of understanding your past. After all, it has led you to where you are now. You may even want to get out a notebook and pen/pencil and jot down some thoughts on the issue. What you learn about yourself may surprise you.

Until next time, blessings and all things Good.

“It’s All About Me”
You can be, do and have anything if you will allow it into your life.


Your Desires Matter

Do your desires really matter? In a word, yes. Your desires, just like mine, are thoughts that we have formed based on a life of discovering what we do and do not like, that we want more, that our lives would be better served in the pursuit of them. (Not to mention the side benefits that the world would enjoy through our realizations of those desires…Ok, so I mentioned them.)

Too often we find ourselves putting our own desires on the back-burner because of the need to fulfill the desires of others. Whether it is some new project at work, helping the needs of friends and/or family, or half a dozen other things, we sometimes find ourselves just never getting around to that all-important “me”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is important to serve. It is important to be compassionate and giving. Giving fills us with pride and those goose bumps that tell us we have done something rewarding and important. But in order to be in a position to give we must take time to nurture ourselves. We must rest, read, contemplate, meditate and do all of those things necessary to feed our own souls so that we can keep up in our service to others. A person who has fallen from exhaustion lends no help to others in need.

It is equally important that we recognize that we have desires. They serve to move us forward in life. Indeed, it is often the case that our desires to better ourselves align with our desires to help.

What are your desires/your wants/your needs? Take time to understand them and to pursue them. Only you know what they are and only you can take steps to pursue them. You are important. You matter. You are powerful and loved.


Stop and smell your own roses
Stop and smell your own roses

From Blank to Inspired in Fifteen Minutes

Sometimes, not often, I sit in silence waiting for inspiration; trying everything I can think of to find it: meditation, visualizing myself writing something profound, walking in the sunlight, listening to my favorite tunes, and a hundred other things, but nothing comes. I know its there…somewhere, I just can’t seem to put my mind’s eye on it. And so it goes until I have tried every possible angle at jarring some piece of literary genius loose from that ever present Universe of Infinite possibilities. All, that is, except for the obvious.

And so I sit down, pen in hand, paper before me and I write. It doesn’t really matter what I put down on that paper as long as I write. It doesn’t matter if I have fifteen minutes of writing “I don’t know what to write” over and over again. At some point it happens. The pen moves. Almost as if reading my thoughts, the pen moves more and more quickly across the page. Soon it is moving so quickly that the ink barely has enough time to soak into the paper before the next sentence comes. The words spew out, seemingly of their own accord, pen talking to hand as if engaged in some language that only the two can understand. But I know it is my thoughts that guide them. It is like the opening of a channel and allowing the water to flow where it may. Soon there is a flood of ideas, of emotion, of words.

There is a connection with the pen and paper, much like the mind connects to the infinite. The pen being like the idea, so anxious to be realized and the paper acting as the blank slate upon which the inspiration lay. The paper has no say in what is written upon it. It must by its very nature accept the writings of the pen, the soaking of the ink and in return, holding forever the record of the thought that was placed upon it until the ink has faded into that from which it came, only to be replaced by another thought: better, more inspired than those that came before it.

Have you noticed that an idea, once acted upon, becomes the thing that was thought? Then comes another idea to place on top of the first, intended to refine it, to make it better, to allow the experience to be enhanced. The idea becomes more than its original form. but that is also the nature of things. For we all want to be more than we are in this moment.

But what does that mean? To be more than we are in this moment? Is it more toys or money like the old adage of trying to keep up with the Jones? I think not. There is a deeper meaning than simply trying to be the one who ends up with the most “stuff”. It’s a bettering of the self. It is a yearning to understand, of self-realization, of growth. It’s being able to see someone else’s idea come to fruition and to be happy for them rather than being jealous because we know that this is the end game: to live, to experience joy, to know that we are more than we appear and that there is no limit to what we can do. It is an allowing of that from which we are made to shine through us, leading us to heights beyond which we ever thought possible.

Have you sat in the silence, not knowing what to write, say or do? Take pen to paper and see what your fifteen minutes brings.

From Blank to Inspired in Fifteen Minutes
From Blank to Inspired in Fifteen Minutes