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Life can be exciting. Life can be exactly what you want it to be.
All you have to do is change what you are doing.

But then you know that…

The challenge is to know what to change and how to change it. Sometimes the direction of that change is difficult. Sometimes it just feels like walking in circles. But when you work through your creative process, life becomes exciting and worth pursuing!

You are a uniquely magnificent individual with the Universe at your feet. Join me in discovering the truth of you and find your path to creativity, happiness and success

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It All Starts Now

The Big Question We All Ask

What would I do if I knew failure were not possible and cost was not a factor? What is my dream, my passion and purpose for this existence? If the answer does not immediately jump out at you then perhaps some contemplation is in order.

What do you want in life? What does anyone want in life other than to be happy, to be loved and to feel fulfilled? We all have the same end in mind. The question is what path to take to reach that end.

We have all spent time in dreams: of a less stressful, more satisfying place where there is no judgment or regret and that place exists for each of us. It waits for us to see it, to act upon it, to allow it into our lives.

There was once a great teacher who said to us that if we were to ask, it wold be given. But there was a qualifier: we would need to allow that which we asked for to come into out lives. No easy task if one has no clue how to accomplish that allowing. Still, we search for ways of allowing and we discovery things like meditation, where we quiet our minds, leaving the busy-ness outside, where we allow ourselves the luxury of peace. Yes, errant thoughts sometimes try to make their way in to distract us from our end, but with practice we learn to stay the distractions and to allow that natural state of openness to the infinite occupy our minds. And it does. Practiced (meaning done often) it becomes a welcome rest stop on the road of an anxiety-ridden highway. It is a place to allow answers, where the “ah ha’s” become commonplace, where all of the noise and the rivalries and the thoughts of lack and self-dread are laid to rest.

But where does one go if one has never tried to meditate? Where do we go to learn this wonderful tool? I can suggest many places: bookstores, websites, most places of worship. In fact, there are so many books and places and websites that one can really begin to feel overwhelmed and confused. After all, there are many different types and ways of meditating.

A straight forward introduction to meditation can be found in my book: “It’s All About Me”. There is a short chapter starting on page 48 that explains the basics and even guides you through the process. for those who are already practiced in the art, I highly recommend the Liquid Mind website which you can find at the following link: http://www.liquidmindmusic.comsun-rays-represents-love-not-war-and-calm-100281596 It provides five minutes of music (timed for you) for meditation.

Send me an email if you need more explanation, a guided experience or have questions. I am always available for someone who wants to find passion, purpose, fulfillment and peace. Namaste.

Why I Wrote “It’s All About Me”

Many people live a lifetime of feeling left out or that they have nothing to offer the world; that they are not good enough, and don’t deserve success. If they do believe they have worth, many are not sure what gifts they have or how to apply them to something that will bring about that creative drive necessary to go forward with passion and purpose. 

It occurred to me that I should write this book during my study of various aspects of the human experience. It seemed natural and right that I should write it because I saw a need. Although there is a myriad of books in the self-help genre, and although many had helpful aspects to them, they seemed lacking to me. I felt that the majority of them fell into one of several categories:
How I made my life successful
How I overcame personal adversity
Secrets of the rich and famous
Get over yourself and get motivated

None of them really seemed to recognize that the person picking up and reading that book was an individual with his/her own interests, talents and needs. None of them allowed the “Me” reading the book to walk away with the understanding of how magnificently unique and capable they are. None of them seemed to validate the need for individuality or to get across the message that it is okay to be different and unique. So, I wrote the book.

I wrote it for the “Me” reading the book. I wrote it to help each individual realize that life really is all about that “Me” and not the societal general stereotype that so many find themselves falling into.
I felt that, If I can get people to understand that their “limitations” are not really limitations; that they can live as passionate and purposeful a life as anyone and with just as much success, that they matter as much as anyone else, what an incredible experience this world would be!

My goal, my purpose, is to help people identify the cause of their core beliefs of lack and to move life into a positive purposeful position of joy. We are all here to enjoy life; to have fun doing those things that rev our motors or fill our sails and make a difference. This is my way of making a difference. It is what I love to do.

There is nothing you cannot be, do or have if you allow it. “it’s All About Me” is a great way to help clear the path to your realization of just that.

Let Go Your Fears

“Let go your fears.” Easy words to say but not so easy to do. And yet it is a necessity to moving forward. So I ask myself, what is the worst that can happen should I decide to walk this path? The answer springs forth from the farthest reaches of the dark: “Death.”
But I have heard this talk before. How many times, I cannot count. I listen to it’s all to familiar voice and it tells me that I am doomed, that any change, whether perceived as better or not, will only result in my demise. It tells me that the unknown upon which I contemplate is dangerous, harmful and destined for failure. And so it convinces me that I am better off with the miserable existence to which I have become so accustomed.
So I let it go, this opportunity that has fallen in my lap. Fearful of change, scared of the unknown, I accept the voice’s counsel and remain where I am.
And yet there remains that yearning within my psyche; that hope that there is more to life than what I have experienced thus far. I question: can there be something more out there than this existence? Is there an end to the cycle of redundancy with which I have lived for so long? If I were to walk differently on my road, would it add to my life?
That voice you hear has a purpose. It is your alarm, your protector against the dangerous things that go bump in the night. It is there to remind you that past experiences have had not-so-great consequences when done in a certain way. It is how we learn not to place our hands into the fire. But it was never intended to keep us from moving forward. It was only intended to warn of the potential for harm lest we be careless in our lives. Unfortunately, many of us have allowed this protector to morph from a warning label into something much more ominous. 
Each of us is entitled, by our birthright,  to enjoy a happy, prosperous, fulfilling and successful life. Moving into this place of joy necessarily involves taking chances and experiencing new things. It requires changing the way we have done things in the past. Listening to that protector is part of that change. How much we listen to that protector is what makes the difference between learning from the past and living from the past. 
Listen with a critical ear to those warnings of doom. There is value in them, but only to the extent that we do not allow them to keep us from the experience of what might lead us to the joy and fulfillment we seek. Let go your fears of stepping outside of the walls you have built. Open the door and allow yourself to experience something new. But be careful, you may discover passion and purpose on the other side.

You are unique and marvelous! Let your individuality shine! it might even put a smile on your face. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

It’s All About Me
(An Interactive Guide to a Happier, More Fulfilling and Successful Life)

But What if I Decide “This Ain’t It?”

There is one constant that is absolute in this existence: There will always be change. It is a normal experience in life and there is nothing that can escape it. There are aspects of things that we like just as there are aspects of things that we don’t like. It is the contrast between the two (the likes and dislikes) that allow us to make decisions about what we will do next. canstock2888359

Like everyone else in the world, my life has been one of change. I try something and if I like it, I will stick with it. If I don’t, I won’t. That is nothing new, but knowing the difference allows me to focus on bringing what I do like into my life in a more abundant form. For example, I loved traveling to Europe and I had the military to thank for getting me there. The politicking in the officer ranks was not something that I liked (I was a mechanized Infantry officer) and so I made the decision not to stay. Does that mean my life was not enriched by the experiences I had while I was in the military? Of course my life was enriched. I made friends, traveled to places I will remember for my lifetime, learned the customs of another country, and got to drive a really cool armored personnel carrier! The fact that I decided “this ain’t it” just allowed me to realize that “It” (whatever that was) would have to be found elsewhere. The trick is to realize what aspects of that experience were not that keen to me. If my next step appeared to have those same aspects, perhaps another direction would be called for. After all, one does not want to become stuck in a cycle of experiencing the same dislikes over and over again.

We are always growing in our likes and dislikes within our experience on this plane. What we once thought nifty may now feel redundant and uninteresting. So, we change our outlook and our activities to match our likes. So if that thing you once thought to be the one thing that would fill your sails of happiness now leaves your sails limp and your ship stagnant in the water, maybe “this ain’t it” anymore and it is time to change. How? that’s one of the wonderful things about the program I present in “It’s All About Me” which you can pick up at Balboa Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble (I know, shameless plug). It is a program gives you tools to help decide what and where to go when “this ain’t it” anymore.

For example: Have you ever sat in a quiet place, closed your eyes and allowed your mind to clear of thoughts? It can be difficult the first few times you try because of the random thoughts that seem to just jump right in there, grabbing your attention. But with practice, it is a wonderful place to go for some relief when overwhelmed and it is a great place to start your decision to allow the Universe to connect you with your good. It will give you clarity in ways you have never experienced! Check out the guided meditation in my book. You might decide you like it.

Getting back to the subject at hand, deciding “this ain’t it” can happen at any age. I left a job I had excelled at for 20 years, opting for something that held promise of being more in tune with my likes. I was 50 at the time. Yes, it was a good move. Finding purpose and passion has no age requirement. It only has the requirement of being open to change.

Blessings to all,

Are You Worthy of Your Good?

Now that we have that out of the way, let me ask you why you would feel otherwise?

Generally when we don’t feel like we are deserving it is because of some trigger: something that reminds us of some past event that made us feel less than who we are. Of course, it could be because of some little mistake just made, but why would a mistake make you feel less than who you are? Again we look to the past.

Mistakes come and go. As someone said: “This ain’t my first rodeo” and it probably won’t be the last one either. But mistakes, however inevitable they may be, are not the truth of your being.

51JM5kvqVFL._AA160_No-one does it like you and that makes you marvelous!

You are like a relief pitcher, called in because of your special abilities. When you are performing that to which you are so well suited, there is no-one else who can measure up. You are sought after because of who you are. You are loved because of who you are. You are enough just the way you are.

We all know that the past is the past and there is nothing that can be done to change anything back there. We can learn from it if we choose to. We can also allow ourselves to be “stuck” in that past if we choose to. (Unfortunately too many of us do.) But regardless of the choice–and there is always a choice, you are so entitled to your Good! And the sooner you realize that the sooner you will feel good about yourself.

YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A WONDERFULLY FUN AND JOYOUS LIFE! Find something that makes you feel good and let your Good start flowing into your life!
Not sure how? Pick up a copy of “It’s All About Me” and find out!

The Secret to Success

Have you ever sat quietly, closed your eyes and visualized what it is that you really, really want? I talk to people all the time who say they have daydreamed about doing what they love. I have also spoken to people who say that they could see themselves doing it. But those daydreams and visions are typically interrupted by the “reality” of the day’s activities, which is then followed by “Oh well, it’s nice to dream.”
Do you understand that you are the creator of your existence? Do you understand that you have the power at your fingertips to bring about the dreams and desires you want? Although it may seem like a foreign concept to many, it is one of the quickest ways to bring about change.Like everything else worth while, it takes practice but once practiced it becomes easy with results flowing almost faster than one can fathom.
The secret to successx-mas lights etc 001 is all about seeing and feeling what you want. Not just daydreaming about it,(although daydreams contain emotional aspects that alert the Universe to your desires) but seeing yourself there to the point of experiencing it.
So let’s start with the proposition that anything you can experience in any way start with a single thought. The thought grows into a bunch of thoughts and is then accompanied by a feeling or a wanting. It is the deepness or the power behind the wanting that gets those thoughts into motion, vibrating into every aspect of one’s being and it is that vibration that attracts the thing desired. Yes, there are steps in between the desire and the result but it is amazing how quickly this speeds up the process!
Let’s do a practical exercise and see what happens. (But only if you want to start seeing things show up in your life that you can really get passionate about.)
Start by trying to find a quiet place. (Once you get used to the process it won’t matter that there are things going on around you.)
What is it that you have a deep seated longing for? What is it that you could see yourself doing and being passionate about? Let yourself get lost in the feelings associated with actually doing whatever it is. What does it feel like this passion that you see yourself doing? Does it feel natural, does it bring you joy? Do you feel that excitement inside your innards like there was nothing on else you would rather be doing? I know. It feels wonderful. It feels like the Universe has embraced you in its arms. It feels like it is meant to be. It feels incredibly uniquely like the most incredible feeling ever!
Where are you in this vision? What is the scenery around you? Who is there with you? Are you interacting with others? Can you feel, touch, smell, hear and live in that passion you see?
Stay in that visual feeling place for a while. Focus on those wonderful feelings of accomplishment, of actually doing whatever it is that you have a longing for. When you are done with your visual, hang onto the feelings and go back there as often as you can.
but (as I said before) this is not the end of the exercise. Once you set your emotional intention, you need to be observant about your surroundings. Opportunities will start to flow to you and you will need to pay attention and recognize them and then make use of them.

Try this exercise a few times and see what happens. In fact, I challenge you to make the attempt and change your life for the better. And when you see how positive the results can be, email me and share your success.
If you have questions or need some further help in getting started, let me know that too. I am happy to help move you into the process.

Deliberate Intention

Deliberate intention, Manifesting our Good, Setting our vibrational tone, etc.: All very descriptive words/concepts and also, potentially, very confusing.
It is really interesting how the search for a better, more fulfilling and successful life can get bogged down in the terms. What does it mean to “deliberately intend” something? What is “manifesting”? And how the heck does anyone set a vibrational tone?

“Deliberate” is something intentional. It is a desired outcome. Of course, it means taking action to create the circumstances that are intended to happen. “Intention” means that you want it to happen. So, I guess the easiest definition is taking some sort of action knowing that it is bringing out the desired result.
But what kind of action are we talking about? Initially it is all about knowing what we want. Have you figured that part out yet? Do you know what you want to do for the rest of your life (at least what you believe that to be at this very moment)? If you are happy/passionate about what it is that you are already doing then the purpose of Deliberate Intention is to get even more joy and fulfillment out of what you do. Finding a better way, expanding it, moving it into another direction that will bring about even more joy than you have experienced thus far.

If you haven’t figured out what “floats your boat” in life, you will need to do a few things to figure it out. Mostly, it will involve clearing your mind through a process called Meditation followed by another technique called Visualization and, finally, putting it down on paper so that you can explore it more concretely. (I go into this in great detail in my new book: “It’s All About Me” available at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon (There is also an e-version out) But I am also happy to share here because this is my passion: helping others awaken to the individually and wonderfully unique aspects of themselves and using the realizations that follow to move into a life of joy and fulfillment.


Only One Path to the Top of the Mountain?

I think we can all agree that no two people are alike. From fingerprints to taste buds, from shoe laces to hairstyles, we are all different. So it would not be surprising to learn that, given the task of finding a way to the top of the Mountain, everyone would have a different idea. Likewise, everyone would probably have a different idea of what they would find when they reached the top. But that is as it should be. Anything less than differing ideas would make this a very boring existence, indeed.
Let’s look at the many different paths that can be taken to the top of the mountain. As varied as the approaches might be, there is a single goal: to get to the top. But what of the journey along the way? Should that be a consideration in choosing one’s path? You know its all journey until you get there. Will the path have twists and turns? Will you encounter obstacles along the way? Can you predict what they will be? More than likely there will be some that you may not have expected.
It’s an interesting dichotomy. Each path is different but each is traveled with the intent of getting to a common end. Each has its own make-up, its own terrain, obstacles, successes, places to rest and each is chosen with individual intentions and expectations.
What would happen if we switched paths with another traveler? There would still be the intent to reach the top, there would still be turns, obstacles, resting places and so forth, just as the original path chosen. Yet the goal is to get to the top.
The answer to the question is obvious on its face. There is more than one path to the top of the mountain. Is there one path that is better than another? I guess that depends on the outlook of the person walking the path.
What do you see in this path that you have walked? I’ll bet there are many things that everyone can see but what you see from your perspective is what really counts.

Step 4: How Big is Your “But”?

1327154265eN7XXoFor the vast majority of us, having an idea of what we can be passionate about is about as far as it goes. The reason is the BUT. 
So how big is your “but?” What are the reasons that you have decided not to pursue your dream? I am mot trying to be harsh by calling it a decision but that’s really what it is. Decisions are made all day, every day. What time to set the alarm, what to eat, the kind of shampoo and toothpaste, whether to buy a car and, if so, what kind, and the list goes on. 
What influences us to make decisions about our everyday lives? Cost? Availability? What other people are doing? What other people are thinking? In particular, what other people may be thinking about us?  Probably. But what other reasons (excuses) have been keeping you from moving forward with your dream besides all of that? Its that list of “Yeah, but’s” isn’t it.  Yes, I would love to do x, but… Or I have always dreamed of doing Y but….
So when I ask you for the size of your “but” what I am really asking is that you take stock of yourself, your life, your desires and the excuses you are making to keep yourself from going forward. Take a close look at them. In fact, write down what you dream about doing and then below it, write down everything you can think of about why you have not done it yet. Your list of excuses will Immediately the list shrink and, when you really look at it the excuses won’t really seem that insurmountable. 
“I don’t know how to do it.” Well, who does and where can you learn?
“I don’t have the money.” So how much money would it take and how long to save it? Are there others who have the same dream and would like to partner up? Share the cost? 
“I have way too many other things on my plate to do first.” Have you looked at that list of stuff? Are there things that really need to be done first? How long would it take to clear some of that clutter? Can you devote some time on your calendar each week for your dream?
How big is your “but list” really? Are you using that list to keep you stuck in your current reality? How bad will you feel when you have allowed so much time to go by that your “but list” has become your “if only” list?
Think about how you would feel just taking one small step in the direction of your dream. It doesn’t have to be a big step, just a step. Remember, one degree of change can be all that is needed to turn your bubbling pot of boiling water into the steam needed to get your engine running. 
I think Martin Luther King, Jr. said it very well: “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

Step 3 With a Patriotic Flair

images-3Unknown-1The 4th of July! Fireworks, family, celebrating freedom and a new ideal never quite seen in the history of man! A culmination of thought, of dreams, of movingsecuredownload forward with a passion for more! What a perfect example of this third step in finding fulfillment in life!
This day represents a letting go of past obstacles, of realizing that we are not bound by the will,or perceptions of others. Our founders came here to get away from the old, from perceptions of lack and to move forward with their ideals! (Step one.) They arrived with little and that is where they started. Where else could they start but from where they were? (Step 2)
They had an idea of what they didn’t want and that’s why they left their old world in the first place. They sought to pursue what they did like. So, step three is to figure out what you want to do. It starts with a question: What would you do if you knew you could not fail? I would hope it to be something that you really love doing but you have not tried because of all the things that get in most peoples’ way. (Rent, Mortgage, car payment, taking care of the family, work, inexperience, cost, etc., etc., etc.)
So ask yourself what it is that you love to do! What would you do if money were not a consideration? If failure were not an option? Once you have identified whatever “it” is, write “it” down. Once you have written “it” down, keep “it” where you can see it. Keep “it” in the forefront of your mind and see if you don’t start taking steps in that direction.
And if I can’t figure out what “it” is, you ask? If you are one of those who has never given much thought to that burning sensation for excitement that you always mistook for indigestion, start by writing down things that you like to do, that you are good at, that people come to you for help with. These might give you some ideas. Regardless of our conscious recognition of such things, we tend to gravitate to those things we find enjoyable, so there is going to be some aspect of what you do that will lead you to the epiphany of your life’s desires.
Here’s an exercise for you: make a small kite (a diamond shaped piece of paper, with a string attached at the bottom for a tail), take some pieces of fabric and write your dreams on them and then tie them to the kite tail. Hang it up on the wall or from the ceiling and imagine your kite of dreams as it soars into the limitless sky. There is a universe of limitless possibilities waiting for you out there. You just have to choose one and take a step towards it.
Tune in next time for the next step where we will identify some ways of helping make your dreams come to fruition.
“It’s All About Me”