Will Prosperity Make Me Be Happy?

There are many words used to define Prosperity.

Some can be found in Dictionary.com as including: A successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; I suspect that this is the one most often used: Financial respects.


But there are also Other words used as synonyms. These include Abundance, Success, Well-being, Ease, Good, Blessing, Accomplishment, Plentifulness, Godsend and Happiness.

Ernest Homes, in the Science of Mind textbook (page 54) includes in this definition of prosperity the concept of “Truth.” In discussing how to use this philosophy, he concludes that “The practice of the Science of Mind calls for a positive understanding of the Spirit of Truth; a willingness to let this inner Spirit guide us, with the conscious knowledge that ‘The law of the Lord is perfect.’”

In my own interpretation of this philosophy, Prosperity and Truth are synonymous in knowing that there is a Power and Presence for Good in the Universe and that we can use it. Indeed, if one were to think about it, that there is a Power and Presence for Good in the Universe and that we can use it, I submit that this statement is  what many would consider to be the definition of prosperity.

This concept of prosperity, of Truth and of there being a power and presence for good in the Universe at our disposal is no stranger to human existence. For example, in the book of Mark it is stated:

Mark 11:24 – Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive [them], and ye shall have [them].


If Thomas Troward were to chime in,  he might define prosperity as the alignment of thought and the physical so as to mold the primordial ooze of creation into that which we most cherish in our existence.

If we were to include Abraham-Hicks we might say that prosperity is the process of focusing one’s attention on what one wants as opposed to what one does not want based on the realizations gleaned from that process of contrast in our existence so as to allow one’s rockets of desires to explode into the law of attraction and to rain down upon us the Good that results from such desires. In other words, Ask and it is given.

While there is no specific reference in the Science of Mind index for the word “prosperity”, Holmes includes in his glossary (page 622) the following definition: “Prosperity is the out-picturing of substance in our affairs.” He explains it this way: “Everything in the Universe is for us. Nothing is against us.” And as a practical guide, he sets forth that We must know that everywhere we go we meet friendship, love, human interest and helpfulness. Life is ever giving of itself. We must receive, utilize and extend the gift. Success and prosperity are spiritual attributes belonging to all people (although) not necessarily used by all people.

In the Science of Mind philosophy, we teach that there is only One: One Spirit, One All that Is, One Greater Consciousness and that Consciousness is God. Further, we teach that our existence on this plane stems from Spirit’s out-picturing of life in, as and through our experience. But at the same time, we teach that, although there is only one consciousness, each of us is an individual expression of that consciousness, that it is our free will and experience of the contrasts in life that determine our focus, and that the Law (through the use of the Law of Attraction), which, as a completely neutral giver of desires, gives us an abundance of those things we desire to have in our lives.

That means that we, as part of that greater consciousness, (which Holmes also calls God-Consciousness)have the power to create our experience. And it is generally created abundantly in our experience.

A friend of mine once told me that she was walking her dog while in a really crappy mood and, in its ever neutral declaration of “you want it, you got it” she ending up stepping in a pile of the same Crap that had been her mood, except this time it was in physical form.

And if that was not proof enough of the Universe’s reaction to our desires, the very next time she went out, she happened to be in a great mood, feeling abundance in all its forms and there appeared a $20.00 bill in her path.

Think about it. Haven’t you had the same or similar experiences in your own life?

Okay, how many of use have been in a bitch session? It’s like a magnet sometimes. One person complains about something and then someone else complains and before you know it everyone is letting loose with disparaging remarks. I guess one could say that the comments were flying in an abundant manner and the negativity was living a very prosperous life, yes?


How about this one: You are having a meeting with the same group that just finished the bitch session only this time it is a brain storming session. Idea after idea pops into your head and everyone is just amazed at all of the ideas you are coming up with. Are you having a creatively prosperous experience?

Now let’s look at a longer term experience. We have all had the experience of making the same mistake over and over because of some almost pre-programed-like behavior that we have not realized is attracting it to us over and over again. I guess one could call that an abundantly prosperous opportunity to learn how to recognize that we need to walk a different path. Hmmm. Does that mean there are more types of prosperity than the dictionary would have us believe? Does Prosperity always have to carry a positive or negative tone? Just giving you some food for thought.

In the Science of Mind philosophy we use terms like First Cause, Law, Manifestation, Lack and Limitation and its opposite, Limitless Possibilities. We use processes like Affirmative Prayer to help us focus on those wants, desires and aspirations that we want to manifest and experience in our lives. We use them to change conditions, to provide an outlet for gratefully acknowledging our wants and desires, to become prosperous in what we have treated for.

We use Meditation to clear our minds of the everyday chatter that keeps us from consciously connecting with our God- Consciousness, and then to help us see and know the Truth of our existence. And once we have reached that calm knowing of our Truth, that we are each an individual part of that God-Consciousness and that we have the power and presence of the Universe within us to bring about our Good, we realize that we do, indeed live a prosperous existence.


So now, let’s get to the nitty gritty. What is prosperity on an individual level and how do we attain it? Personally I believe that the definition of Prosperity is personal to the individual. Some may give it a meaning of more money or toys, others may talk in terms of an abundance of creativity, still others may define being prosperous as being surrounded by family and friends. For me, it connotes all of the above.

I am prosperous in knowing that my next meal is secure, that I have gas in my tank and some spending money in my pocket. I am living a financially prosperous life.

If I am given an outlet where I can let my creative side explore the infinite possibilities that exist in the Universe I am living a creatively prosperous life.

Having someone special in my life and add to it a few good friends to spend time laughing and doing things, I am prosperous in my relationships.

And if I am able to devote time to my spiritual practice through reading, taking classes, writing down my thoughts and connecting to that God-Consciousness on a deeper level through meditation, I am truly living a blessed and abundantly prosperous experience of life.

When it comes down to it, Prosperity, in all of its forms, leads to what I consider the ultimate goal in life: That of experiencing more, of becoming greater today than I was yesterday through all of these forms of giving and receiving, but especially by satisfying that inbred desire of living each day, each moment, each second of now in that self-realization of oneness, and of knowing that I can create my experience by living in conscious awareness of the Power and Presence of Good and that not only it is available to me to use in my life, but that it broadens me while adding, in a positive way, To that God-consciousness from which I come, in which I share and in which I create.


Can prosperity make me happy? What do you think?

How Do I “Be Happy?”

Last time I asked: “Why am I Here and What is My Purpose” and I received a simple yet strange answer of “Be Happy.” Now I want to know how I am supposed to “Be Happy” what with all of the turmoil in the world: terrorism, disease, homelessness, famine and obesity, drought, and so forth. Shouldn’t I be focused on trying to help rid the world of these horrors?

Being surrounded by negatives can make it very difficult to allow one to live and be happy. But being happy does not mean that one has to let go of principle. No one dislikes seeing harm come to another more than I. But if I let that negative drive my life into a place of darkness I will never be able to feel the Good that I have affected in my efforts to help. If I stay negative I will only see negative. If I only see negative then there is no hope for ever being happy. On the other hand, if I am happy and intent on affecting a positive change in the world, I can experience the joy of accomplishment. I can feel the love grow within myself and my community and I am much more willing to continue my good work.

When was the last time you were in a crappy mood and said to yourself: “There is a need here and I believe I have what it takes to bring a positive change.” What is more likely to have come out of your mouth in your foul mood is something like: “Screw it!” (Be honest with yourself now.)

What feels better to you: being happy or living with a negative attitude?  I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I’ll bet you feel better happy than not happy.

My question to you, then, is What makes you happy?

Let’s go over some ways of finding out in our next discussion.

PS: If you disagree with what I am saying, give me some feedback and let’s start a dialog.


What is Prayer: Thought? Desire? Wish? Belief?

According to the WebBible Encyclopedia, “Prayer is conversation with God; the intercourse of the soul with God, not in contemplation or meditation, but in direct address to him. Prayer may be oral or mental, occasional or constant, ejaculatory or formal. It is a “beseeching the Lord” (Ex. 32:11); “pouring out the soul before the Lord” (1 Sam. 1:15); “praying and crying to heaven” (2 Chr. 32:20); “seeking unto God and making supplication” (Job 8:5); “drawing near to God” (Ps. 73:28); “bowing the knees” (Eph. 3:14).

We all pray. We grew up praying in church, at home, in the silence of our room, before acting on a challenging task, and in many other circumstances. Indeed, If one were to stop and think about it, one would recognize that our lives are replete with prayer in one form or another.


How many of you remember the prayer you made as a child when you did something that you knew was going to get you in trouble? It probably went something like this: “Dear God, please don’t let my parents find out about this. If you don’t let them find out, I promise that I will never do it again. In fact, I promise that I will do whatever it is I am supposed to do from this moment on. In my case, no matter how many times I pleaded and cried out with all the promises of the world, my parents still found out, giving way to my first lesson of the laws of the universe: cause and effect.

So what is Prayer? Emerson writes in his essay, “Pray Without Ceasing” : “It is not only when we audibly and in form, address our petitions to the Deity that we pray. We pray without ceasing. Every secret wish is a prayer. Every house is a church; the corner of every street is a closet of devotion…every desire of the human mind, is a prayer uttered to God and registered in Heaven.” (emphasis added)

So what is Prayer? Is it a wish? A thought? A desire? A belief? None of the above? All of the above?

Ernest Holmes writes, in Love and Law: “Prayer is nothing but mental attitude. It is a simple and direct, positive believing, mental attitude.” (Page 127) He further states in The Science of Mind Textbook: “it is a consciousness of one’s union with the whole.” (Page 151)


Recognition of our being in union with the whole of that greater consciousness can be a difficult task. After all most of us were brought up to believe that this consciousness (God) is a deity, separate and distinct from our lowly human selves. Indeed, we have been taught from the early days of existence that the only reason we are on this plane is to reach out our hands to the heavens in fear and awe, and to worship he who has created the heavens and the earth and the lowly creatures that inhabit it.

But at the same time we are taught that God is all there is. And if that is truly the case, does not that also mean that all we see around us, all that we are is in union with the all that is? This is the starting point to which Holmes and Emerson and all of the mystics point in their definition of prayer.

“Whoa now,” you might say. “Them’s some mighty big conclusions, and them conclusions are based on some mighty big assumptions. Them assumptions is based on a whole lot of statements from a few weirdos who spent most of their time in the woods staring at trees and water and such. How do we know what they claim is right? How do we know they’re not just full of hooey with all of their wishful thinking?”

Let’s look at it a little closer. Holmes says prayer involves a mental attitude and a belief in the union with a greater consciousness. So let’s look at attitude and belief.

Every Sunday, part of the ritual of one of the religious centers I attend is to say affirmations. Why? Does saying an affirmation multiple times really have any kind of effect?

Some years ago there was a psychologist named who conducted a study involving basketball players at a university. He chose three groups of students at random. None had ever practiced visualization. The first group practiced free throws every day for twenty days. The second and third groups made free throws on the first and twentieth day. The third group, in addition, spent 20 minutes every day visualizing free throws. If they “missed” they “practiced” getting the next shot right. On the 20th day Richardson measured the percentage of improvement in each group. The group that actually practiced free throws daily Improved by 24 percent. The second group did not improve at all. The third group improved by 23 percent.

In effect, by visualizing success, the third group developed an attitude of being able. They believed they would make the free throws and the results were commensurate with their beliefs. They had an attitude for success.

In this philosophy that I study we state our belief in a higher power. We state our belief that there is a power and a presence for good in the Universe and that we can use it. We make declarations of knowing, holding our good high in our minds and in gratitude for the results that we know will follow. We do this because we know that there is a connection, a union, if you will, between ourselves and that greater Consciousness. We experience this connection through our spiritual practice of meditation and affirmation. We hold ourselves in conscious awareness of who and what we are. We allow ourselves to step higher in that consciousness each day, declaring ourselves to be whole, perfect and complete by virtue of our ability to direct our thoughts and our lives through affirmative prayer.

So What is Prayer? I submit that Prayer is a belief, it is a belief in being a part of something greater. It is a knowing that there is a power and presence for good in the universe and that we can use it. It is a knowing that when we ask, when we focus on our good, when we believe that we have a say in the manifestation of our thoughts and desires, when we hold up our hands in an unwavering belief that there is only one, when we declare that we are part of that one and that our declaration of that belief has power, we begin to understand, and to live in gratitude. And when we live in gratitude, we become aware of the power of our beliefs, in the power of our words and in the power of that which we call prayer.


Why Am I Here and What is My Purpose?

Purpose and my reason for being are the big questions that everyone wants answered, aren’t they?

Big Questions Require Big Answers, Right?

Questions like this bring expectations of grandiose answers, deep from the nether regions of the psyche or a clarity of almost God-like qualities.

The answer to this question is really quite simple.

Answer the following question: Do you think everyone (all seven billion of us on this earth) has the same destiny; the same likes and dislikes; the same perspective on life? Of course not, in fact, I don’t know any two people who see, hear, feel or experience anything the same way. That’s why there is only one Einstein, one Mozart and only one of anyone else you can name, be they a sports figure, Nobel prize winner or the teacher you believe had the most profound effect on you in school.


But even though no-one can see, hear, taste, smell, speak, sing, etc. like anyone else, there are commonalities to all.  Those commonalities are key in understanding one’s purpose in this life. Each of those people found something they could be passionate about. They found something that they would rather spend their lives doing more than any other activity in the world. They found something that brought life to their day, even if others found it to be most boring and tedious. And what do you think is the result of someone who finds that one activity that brings so much to their life?  HAPPINESS!

Your Purpose in Life is to Be Happy

How does the world seem when you are happy?  How fast does time fly when you are happy? How easy does your day go when you are feeling happy? When you are happy, don’t others around you seem to have their day brightened?

Your Purpose in Life is to Be Happy! Think about it! Then we can figure out what that one thing is that you can be passionate about.





Reality or the Ravings of a Madman?

We all have doubts at some time or other. They can hit hard, sometimes making it seem that all is lost.
Fearful of what lays behind those doubts, we try to hide them away in the farthest reaches of our mind. When we are successful we feel a moment’s relief. But those doubts are still there, festering, growing into a malignancy that reaches out, shovel in hand, in what seems an all out effort to end us. And so we (I), turn inward for that conversation that I know must happen. I share this because I know that I am not alone in my doubt. I share this hoping that those in need will take some comfort knowing that they, too, are not alone. I share this because I know there are answers and that there is love and comfort to be had by all.

When I have doubt, I write. I ask questions, pouring my vulnerability out on paper. It’s just me there with my thoughts of self-doubt, lack and of feeling lost. But then a conversation begins and the resonance of my worth is shown to me. If this causes you to pause and reflect, if this causes you to turn inward in your search for truth then I am successful. If not, perhaps your truth lies on another path and I wish you well in your travels.

These are my questions and the answers that became a part of my being.

Q: “Oh God, how fearful I am that I will disappoint thee. How fearful I am that I will disappoint myself and all those who depend on me for their needs on this physical plane. Take my by the hand and guide me, loudly that I, in my stubbornness and Distractable frailty may hear your words. Leave no doubt in your wants and needs with me for I know that I must be here for a reason other than to just be.”

“You have shown me so much in this life. I feel that I was excited to begin this adventure but now I fear that I have failed you and myself in my reason for being. More than half of my aloted time has passed and I have yet to understand. I am not sure that I even understand what it is that I am supposed to understand. There are so many questions. Will you answer them for me?”

A: “Most of them”

Q: “Why not all of them?”

A: “That is our agreement”

Q: “What agreement?”

A: “That you shall live in the moment, in this physical plane called Earth, and you shall experience this reality. You shall meet many others like yourself and acknowledge the “God” within them. You shall help them to experience the “God” that they know to be within but which they have forgotten. You will help to bring them back to me that they should finish what they have come to this life to accomplish and bring them back to their source for the rest of eternity to experience.
That you shall love me as I love you. We are one, you and I and you shall remember this.”

Q: “I will try but it is difficult when there is so much keeping me from those memories of you. In particular is this part of me that seems intent on keeping me from remembering that which you say I truly am.”

A: “This is Ego. But I did not create the Ego to keep from being remembered. Ego is a result of our agreement that you shall have free choice. For if you knew and understood the complete truth of who you are there would be no reason for this moment called Earth or Physical Existence. Your life is eternal.”

Q: “Please then, tell me who I am.”

A “You are life eternal. You are called by many names as I am called by many names. That is because we are one, you and I.”

Q: “What does that mean, that you and I are one?”

A: “There is only the One, and that is what you call God. And if there is only God, then it stands to reason that you are part of God.”

Q: “Does that go for everyone and everything?”

A: “Do you remember earlier in this moment when your perception was through younger eyes, that you were told that God is everywhere?”

Q: “Yes.”

A: “Do you remember being told that God is also in everything?”

Q: “Yes.”

A: “That is the truth of existence. I am everywhere and in everything, including you. Do you also remember being taught that God created everything?”

Q: “Yes.”

A: “If God is in everyone and in everything and if God is all there is and if God created everything, where do you suppose all of this stuff came from?”

Q: “You?”

A: “That is correct. Now let me ask you a question.”

Q: “Really? You’re asking me a question?”

A: “Yes: Is it really so hard to believe that if God is all there is and if God created everything, that you are part of God?”

Q: “Well, aside from thousands of years of being taught that we are creations of God and that our sole purpose is to pray to and revere and worship God, it does kind of make sense.”

A: “The part of you that questions is Ego and we have already discussed that. Still, it bears repeating that Ego was created to allow you choice. The vast majority of you have chosen to allow Ego to emotionally set you apart from who you really are. Without Ego, however, you would not experience the physical world. You would see through the veil of this existence and simply remain in the vibrational state from whence you came.”

Q: “Oh boy, did you open up a lot of things to talk about.”

A: “Go ahead. It is time that this was all explained. And as to your question of whether to share this conversation, yes. Those who read it will hear what they need to hear. Those who are not yet ready will think this the ravings of a madman. Either way, when you knock the door shall be open as it always has and always will.”

Q: “Thanks. And thank you for letting me know that God has a sense of humor.”

A: “Do you have a sense of humor?”

Q: “Yes, and it is a good one.”

A: “Who do you think gave it to you?”

Q: “You?”

A: “Actually, if we go back to the central question, which I have already answered, you did. I know that may seem confusing but I think you have progressed to where you can understand the concept. If you analyze it further, which I will do for you in a moment, it should become clear. Let’s start with some basics that you are familiar with: 1. There is only God and God is all there is. 2. God created everything and is everywhere. So, using simple math (to put it in physical terms) God + God = God, and God is all there is, and you were created by God. Therefore you are part of the “all there is” which is God. If you are part of the “all there is” and if “all there is God, then you are part of God. Chew on that for a bit and when you are ready we can move on to the next question.”


What your Auto Insurance Broker doesn’t tell you

I have generally kept to more esoteric, positive and moving forward with life subjects on this website, but a big part of getting that mindset is knowing that you are protected in other areas of your life as well. Having worked for a major insurance carrier for a lot of years and now working on the other side of the fence, I think it is important to delve into this area at least once.

Here in California, if you are going to drive a car, you are supposed to have insurance. Nevertheless, approximately 30% of drivers don’t. Sometimes it is a choice between following the law and putting food on the family table. Auto insurance is anything but cheap.

Anyone watching TV would think it easy to be “Fully Covered” as required by California Law. Just call and get a quote over the phone. It’s easy. And you can buy “Full Coverage” for a “low, low price, regardless of your driving record!”

What these brokers, and most insurance carriers don’t tell you, however is that “Full Coverage” in California means only what the law absolutely requires. Minimal limits of personal injury protection, property damage and uninsured motorist coverage. No collision coverage to fix your car in case you hit something, no comprehensive coverage in case your car gets vandalized or stolen, no medical payments coverage to help with your out of pocket medical expenses, no rental reimbursement or any other option that you might want to have.

So what does it mean to have minimal limits? What’s wrong with that if that is what the law requires?

Let’s take the following example to give you a better idea: Let’s say you are driving alone in your own fairly new car, that you are still paying for, on the freeway. All is well and traffic is moving until, as is common in California, traffic comes to a grinding halt. In fact, they stopped so quickly that you barely had time to brake. Still, you were not able to stop and you plow into the rear of that 2016 Lexus in front of you. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the beat up old pick up truck behind you couldn’t stop either and plows into your rear, pushing you into that Lexus for a second time.

The accident is pretty significant and the Lexus, your car and the truck behind you are all totaled. The only one that was drivable was the bug truck that the Lexus got pushed into. To top it off, you, the guy in the Lexus and the guy that hit you were all injured and all of you had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Good thing you were “Fully Covered” by your insurance policy…Or were you?

That policy you bought, even though you were following the law, only carries a maximum of $10,000.00 in property damage liability coverage. Since that Lexus you hit was totaled, and only being two months old it’s worth about $40,000.00. Even if his insurance paid for it with his collision coverage, his insurance company has every intention of getting paid back. Your insurance company can contribute $10,000.00 because that’s what you bought to be “Fully Covered.” The rest may end up coming out of your bank account. And what about his injuries? The Ambulance ride is about $1,300.00, the emergency room bill with x-rays and CT scans is another $3,000.00-$5,000.00 and the time the Lexus driver lost from work and the follow-up treatment could pretty much exceed that $15,000.00 you have in per-person injury coverage.

And what about your car and your injuries? To your dismay, you find out the guy behind you is one of the 30% that does not have insurance. Since the policy you bought does not have collision coverage you will have to eat the tow bill, the storage fees at the tow yard and the rest of the payments you still owe on your car. If you were lucky enough to have Uninsured Motorist property damage coverage you will be able to recover a maximum of $3,500.00 which will probably go to the lien-holder. Your injuries are going to be the same story. If you did not decide to save money by refusing Uninsured Motorist coverage on your policy, your top coverage is $15,000.00. If you have health insurance your bills are covered except for your co-pays but your health insurance company will be looking for reimbursement because your injuries were caused by a third person. That doesn’t leave you much to recoup your own loss of earnings and future co-pays. Worse, now you may be behind on your bills because you can’t work. You could sue the guy behind you but if he doesn’t have anything, good luck getting paid and that doesn’t solve the immediate problem.

So, what is a person supposed to do? Changing your auto coverage after the accident won’t help because what you had at the time of the accident is what applies. If you have not been put in this situation yet (Just about everyone in this state is likely to be in an accident at some point) it is time to be pro-active and make sure you have the coverage you need. What do you have to protect? How much do you think you will need to keep someone you hit from suing you and what do you think you will need if you are laid up for a while because of someone else’s negligence? The difference between $15,000.00 and $100,000.00 in coverage is really small, sometimes as little as $10.00 per month. Is that worth some peace of mind? Think about it.

There is a whole lot about insurance that people don’t generally know. Way too much to go into here. It boggles my mind why brokers and insurance companies don’t explain all of this, leaving people to find out the hard way.

The bottom line? Make sure you and yours are protected. I am happy to answer any questions you have. Just ask.
Car Crash

accident victim

Life Is

Life is, just as consciousness is.

Sometimes this life is centered, flowing easily, without want or lack, will all needs and desires moving freely into my life.

Sometimes there are rocks that sit in the path of my fluidity, causing gentle ripples of change, but no really impeding my flow.

Sometimes these rocks become boulders, huddled closely but irregularly and my flow seems to crash upon them in a vein effort to move them out of my way. These efforts never end well for these rocks are immoveable. Still, in my stubbornness, I throw myself against them over and over again until I am splintered into tiny particles that scatter to the winds; never seeing that, if I were to just steer my rudder a little to the right or to the left my path would become easy, clear and welcoming.

Life, as consciousness, follows my lead. It becomes that which I direct it to be, and always as a result of my conscious and unconscious thought. Once I understand this I become a powerful play-write of the existence I imagine. The key is to remain aware and then to allow my life, my good, to be that which I have always intended: easy, flowing, full of joy and passion.

As stated by Ernest Holmes:disney splash 3 “…There is a Power flowing through me into everything I do and think, automatically making everything whole. There is a Transcendence coordinating, unifying, causing all the experience of my life to blend into Its unity, into Its oneness, and proclaiming the power of Its might. As a child accepts life without question and love without argument and action without anxiety, so do I spontaneously accept the operation of this Power as the Divine Governor of everything I do, the Divine Provider of all my needs, and the Divine Presence diffused through all my thinking.”

And so it is.

Your Life is Not some Quote from a Book

Every Guru has a description of life and how to make it better. That may all be well and good for their life, but it may not have any application in yours or mine. Yes, I know I am my father’s son and you may be your daughter’s mother, but what the heck is that supposed to do to help you move forward in life? Yes, life can be like a bowl of cherries and some things always come up smelling like roses, but again, how does that apply to you or me?

How many books are we supposed to read that tell us how the principals of life are to eat better, get more sleep, do what you love, be more outgoing, blah, blah, blah. Better yet, how many seminars are we supposed to attend where they tell us that this is the first day of the rest of our lives, or we get as much out of it as we put into it? But we go, hoping to find the secret that has been evading us, seemingly all our lives.

But you know what? Quotes are great openers. They can get us thinking, they can even get us motivated to do something. But what? If I want to figure out what would make me feel happy, fulfilled or successful, I don’t think some quote is going to get me there. Take this one that has been attributed to Albert Einstein as well as others: “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” That’s a great saying; Humorous, thought provoking even reassuring that not everyone can climb a tree or perform tasks like others. But what does it say about me? I don’t want to climb trees for a living and I am not sure what I want to do at this point in my life. I don’t think a book that tells me how to eat right and get more energy is going to do it and I certainly don’t want to go to some seminar where all they do is tell everyone how wonderful they are for a price.

I don’t pretend to know your answer. I certainly don’t know what you are good at or what you would find yourself being passionate about. But I can offer some suggestions on figuring it out. Perhaps the best way to do this is to ask you to practice some techniques geared to helping you find your answer.

The first technique you may find difficult at first. You may think it weird or too “woo, woo”. But I can attest to its benefits as can millions of others who have tried it. Simply put, it’s a way of quieting the mind from all of the daily distractions that you may face that tend to keep you from focusing on what you really want out of life.

It’s called meditation.

No, I am not asking you to climb a mountain and sit on a cushion in some cave, although if that is your thing who am I to say otherwise? Simply put, I am asking you to trust that, if you follow the directions (which you can also find them in my book,” It’s All About Me”–I know, shameless plug), you may find yourself thinking more clearly about what direction you want to take in life. If not, hey at least you tried something different and gained some experience. I’m willing to bet through that you will find it hugely beneficial.

The location for this need not be anywhere special but it will need to be somewhere quiet and free from distraction. It can be in your bedroom or on your living room couch. It can be in your backyard or in a neighborhood park. Once you find your place, get into a comfortable, seated position and set a timer for 15 minutes. It may also be helpful to tape yourself (or someone else) reading the following to play back for future meditations until you have the directions down.

Sit up straight but relaxed and close your eyes. Take a long, deep breath through your nose and hold it for a second or two before letting it out. Feel the tension in your body leave as you exhale. Take another deep breath, hold it and let it out, again focusing on how easily the muscles of your body relax. Do this one more time and feel the difference in yourself compared to when you started.

Keeping your eyes closed, breathe normally and focus on the air as it enters and exits your body. Notice the rise and fall of your chest as the air moves in and out. If you find that you have random thoughts floating into your mind (disrupting your focused breathing) just acknowledge them and let them go while returning to the focus of the rise and fall of your chest. Stay focused on the rise and fall of your chest and allow your mind to empty of all else, thus keeping your mind open.

The Universe contains endless possibilities for your future. While you are the one behind the wheel, (thereby making it your responsibility to steer the direction of your life) the act of opening your mind to these endless possibilities will allow you to feel the direction of the wind (or river if you prefer to use a rudder for steering) and to ease into the flow of your good. The whole purpose is to allow you to experience the noiseless inspiration of possibility. It may take a little getting used to but once you have become comfortable meditating, you will find your stress level lessen, your creative juices flowing and life’s possibilities becoming more noticeable.

It is very easy to allow one’s self to become used to the noise and general busy-ness that is ever present in our lives. Between the television, the radio, the internet, traffic, crowds and so forth, we become conditioned to distraction. Meditation is one way of bringing yourself in line with who you really are without having to fight the uphill battle of everything that you find yourself allowing to get in the way.

Try it. I think you will like it. Then come back and we’ll talk about some other tools that will also help lead you to a better, happier, more fulfilling and successful life.

All good things to you!


You Are the Light

Often, when I am at the mercy of distraction, I wonder:”What is this all for? What I am doing here? And there has got to be a better way!” I know that I am not the only one who ever feels that way.

And then I remember that there is always choice, no matter the situation. Choice to be stuck in the darkness of despair or to let go of “all of that” and to live in the presence of knowing.

Breathing is important at this particular moment and so I stop in the quietness of my mind, close my eyes and breathe deeply. Each inhale brings with it a new energy and each exhale brings a letting go of that doubt or lack or feeling of helplessness or stress. When my mind has quieted, I picture a light at the center of my being and allow it to grow. It is always a light of good and it always clears the darkness from my soul.

I invite you to join me in this place of knowing; that there is a light that shines brightly within each of us. It is a light of peace and compassion, of well being. It is a light of knowing, of gentle persuasion to follow its warmth to a place where all is well.

This light is God’s light, and it is my light, shining perfectly, beckoning all who wish to know him or herself to walk within its path.

There are many paths upon which this light shines. Each is as bright and perfect as any other, each seeking the mind and heart of any who wish to walk it.

These are God’s lights as they are ours and they call to us. They remind us of our unique and perfect place in the All that is.

We are unique, each of us; unique in our own experience of this light and this is how it should be. For none of us is like any other in God’s eyes or in our own. We bring so much, add so much; we experience and expand this light, this inner knowing in so many ways.

Rejoice in knowing that that which you bring and that which you are could not be more beautiful or more perfectly suited to this existence, just the way you are.

Let your light shine! Let it shine brightly and together we will bring ourselves and all that we are to a conscious vibration the likes of which have never been known!
You are the light of existence! Go forth and shine!

The End and The Beginning

As 2015 nears its end, it makes room for the cycle to begin anew. It is a traditional time for contemplation, of remembrance, of taking stock of lessons learned and the promise of future. It is a time for family, for love and, yes, even tearful reunions with friends, loved ones and the memories of those who have gone on to better things. In celebration of this time, I thought it appropriate to share all of these things. Whether you have just started your journey, are in the middle or have seen it to fruition, there is a part of this to which you will connect. Enjoy.

They come out screaming
They eat and they Sleep
They wake us up
When we’re really beat.

They mess their diapers
They drool on our arms
They laugh and they giggle
They spell us with charms.

They smile and they snuggle
They coo like a dove
They give us a glimpse
Of God’s endless Love.

They’ve learned how to walk
They’re experts at crawling
They scream really loud
They’ve taken up drawing.

They run us all ragged
They fill us with pride
They teach us to laugh
When they sleep in mid-stride.

They bring us their prizes
They give us their love
They must have been sent
From Heaven above.

They cling to us tightly
They stare at the sight
They run to us crying
When school is their plight.

Then bravely they leave us
Head bowed to the floor
We turn and start crying
As we walk out the door.

The day goes so slowly
We worry and then
Here they come running
To our arms once again.

They wrote us a letter
They learned how today
They read it so proudly
We frame it that way.

Each day a new treasure
They bring us to share
So filled with excitement
No words can compare.

They grow and they learn
They come so alive
They bring home their friends
The mess, we survive.

They start playing sports
Or they dance or they cheer
They grow up so fast
Has it been five whole years?

Their lives are so active
It’s hard to keep straight
Hurry up, get your shoes on
Don’t want to be late.

But all through the crazy
The rush to the sun
Their core sense of family
Is never undone

Now sixth grade’s upon them
They act so mature
They grow up so quickly
But that you can’t cure.

They just become teens
Start “hanging around”
They’re no longer babies
Mom’s wearing a frown.

The homework they battle
It’s just not their way
The parents go crazy
The future looks gray.

But then something happens
Like a ray from the sun
It brings out the hope
That your battle is won.

Their path becomes clearer
As they find their own way
Back to their senses
What a glorious day!

You’re at the commencement
it all rushes in
Those memories of yesteryear
Did they not just begin?

They look now towards High School
And the panic sets in
It all seems so frightening
For you, not for them.

Now comes the awakening
The changes are fast
Its life that they lust for
And for girls, a hot bath.

They find life exciting
There’s so much to do
From studies to football
And a little dating too.

The year passes quickly
Just memories now
The child you once cradled
Towers over your brow.

That first year behind them
Their confidence grown
It’s onto the second
For adventures unknown.

This second year’s scary
They learn how to drive
Does the doctor give Valium
Will I survive?

Then comes Winter formal
That’s when you realize
The growth and the beauty
In front of your eyes.

So young and so lovely
With so much to learn
You wish the years slowly
More slowly would turn.

But time marches forward
Their lives move along
Now the job market teaches
Reality’s song.

By now they have tasted
Their best and their worst
They think they’ve decided
Their passion’s been heard.

You tell them slow down
Don’t make your mistake
You’ve been there and done that
Your heart starts to ache.

You see so much promise
You wish all the best
You hope that they hear you
The future’s their test.

The last year’s upon them
And ready they’ll be
To move onto college
To life’s liberty.

They breeze through their classes
They take S.A.T.’s
They send applications
They play wait and see.

Then prom night’s upon them
The year’s near at end
You know its not long now
Your worries descend.

The big day’s upon you
You rush to your seat
The Principal’s giving
The year’s final speech.

Your baby’s not ready
Your eyes fill with tears
The thought of them leaving
Is your life’s greatest fear.

And then you remember
How they’ve changed, how they’ve grown
You watch them so proudly
In their cap and their gown.

They go off to college
To follow their dreams
They way that you hoped for
When they were but gleams.

They write home for money
And this you pay too
To help them to realize
Their dreams to come true.

A lifetime of study
They cram in so few
There’s so much to learn now
There’s so much to do.

Then one day its over
A new life begins
They spread wings and fly away
Your face tears and grins.

Then just when they’ve dried up
These tears that you’ve thrown
You find that they’re bringing
Someone special to your home.

In shock you ask questions
You have to be sure
That true love has found them
Just that, nothing more.

You watch them together
You see their love grow
The look on their faces
Are ones that you know.

Their love appears boundless
Like yours at their age
You think back remembering
How love turned the page.

Two years they’re approaching
Best friends they’ve become
Two lives, although separate
Grow closer to one.

They talk of the future
Their hopes and desires
Their love for each other
That church with the spires.

You know that it’s coming
Its plain on his face
The question she’s hoped for
The silk and the lace.

Then one day it happens
He’s down on one knee
The world stops to listen
To love’s melody.

The moment she’s looked for
Her tears he can see
The world cheers with thunder
His wife she will be.

The plans are a whirlwind
Of bridesmaids and gowns
Best men and tuxedos
A band with good sound.

The preacher selected
Arrangements are done
The day is upon them
When two become one.

The families are seated
Now comes down the isle
Two ushers and bridesmaids
They turn and they smile.

The groom and his mother
Their turn now they take
She kisses him gently
On the side of his cheek.

He turns now to greet her
The music begins
So lovely, so beautiful
She shines from within.

The father walks proudly
Her hand on his arm
To her new life he takes her
Full of love, far from harm.

Their vows and their promises
Their love they have pledged
Two lives bound together
It is done. They are wed.

Now off to the party
To celebrate life
With dancing and singing
It’s such a delight.

Their lives came together
Through love they are sewn
A new life awaits them
A family, a home.

The night of the phone call
You’ve waited so long
Your spirit flies high
Your heart fills with song.

These children so happy
So young so in love
A new life has joined them
From heaven above.

Her baby she gives you
To love and to hold
So precious, so little
Like her mother, she’s told.

This new life just started
You pass now to own
To your child all your wisdom
To your child how they’ve grown.

Your life’s come full circle
Your memories repeat
You feel oh so jealous
And yet so complete.

You’ve seen so much beauty
That comes from above
How great is this gift
Of God’s greatest love.

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